Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

What Is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome?

June 30, 2017 Nicco Reggente, PhD

Habitual heavy marijuana use over the course of years can cause periodic bouts of intense vomiting called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Clinicians and researchers have only recently differentiated the condition from the nearly identical cyclic vomiting syndrome. The difference between the two comes down [Read More…]

addicted to weed? here's how we can help

Can You Get Addicted to Weed?

June 25, 2017 Adam Townsend

Can you get addicted to weed? The short answer is yes, but it’s complicated. Cannabis use disorder is an established diagnosis in the psychiatry field’s diagnostic Bible, the DSM-V. It falls in the family of substance-related addictive disorders. This fact alone doesn’t [Read More…]

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Grow Cannabis

5 Exciting Public Cannabis Growers

June 20, 2017 Adam Townsend

Despite anti-marijuana rhetoric from the U.S. Justice Department and continued federal restrictions on marijuana, the commercial cannabis industry is rolling toward the mainstream, and investors are poised to haul in cash especially in regards to public cannabis growers. All of the firms [Read More…]

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cannabis pharmaceuticals

Spotlight on Sativex — The THC CBD Pharmaceutical

June 15, 2017 Adam Townsend

What is Sativex? Sativex (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol) is a combination drug that contains a roughly one-to-one ratio of Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the two most active cannabinoids in marijuana. “Cannabinoid” is the family of chemicals the two drugs belongs [Read More…]

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Cannabis References

Cannabis Cancer References

June 5, 2017 Nicco Reggente, PhD

These are the references for the article “Cannabis Cures Cancer”? (1) J. Berthiller, et al., Cannabis Smoking and Risk of Lung Cancer in Men: A Pooled Analysis of Three Studies in Maghreb, Journal Of Thoracic Oncology, Dec 2008, Volume 3, Issue 12, [Read More…]

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Cannabis References

Cannabis Epilepsy References

June 5, 2017 Nicco Reggente, PhD

These are the cannabis epilepsy references mentioned in this scientific review of cannabis and epilepsy. (1) I. Izquierdo, O. Orsingher, and A. Berardi, Effect of cannabidiol and of other Cannabis sativa compounds on hippocampal seizure discharges, Animal Studies, Psychopharmacologia, Mar 1973, Volume [Read More…]

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