CBD Tincture: How Much Should You Take?

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If you are cannabis enthusiast scouring the internet to find different ways of consuming the plant, then CBD tinctures might interest you. Cannabis is a plant of many fascinating qualities that sets it apart from the various herbs we include in our everyday lives. Its ability to bring an active profile of health benefits to its users is the reason behind its enormous fan following. While the market for cannabis is expanding in general, CBD is one of the most profound derivatives of the plant, gathering all the investments and interests from across the globe. CBD eliminates the one aspect that has kept cannabis from everyday use- its psychoactive properties. It aims to deliver the best possible health benefits from the plant without any mind-altering effects, hence making it a safe ingredient.

CBD: What makes this cannabinoid special?

The endocannabinoid system in our body is responsible for regulating the various functions such as cognitive and physical functions of mood, appetite, sleep, and pain. Our body produces chemicals that keep the balance in the endocannabinoid system. Cannabinoids from the cannabis plant imitate the function of these chemicals and help bring equilibrium to the body. This type of reaction to the compound helps reduce the perception of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and mood-related disorders.

Although the interaction of both CBD and THC, the two essential cannabinoids found in cannabis, are somewhat similar at the CB receptor sites, their effects on the body are quite different. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system and helps create deep relaxation and calming impact along with easing pain, discomfort, and paranoia. CBD has healing properties that can help rejuvenate the body. Companies extract CBD from hemp, making it legal in all states as it does not cause any psychoactive effects. There are multiple means of consuming CBD, such as vaping, edibles, oils, tinctures. Here we will explore the segment of CBD tinctures in detail and the typical dosage applicable for consuming this compound.

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Getting to know CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures refer to a mixture of plant extract and alcohol that can also blend well with your everyday diet. Sometimes tinctures also contain a mixture of vinegar, glycerine, and oil as a solvent instead of alcohol. This method of consumption has supreme advantages as it enters your system and can slowly release the extracts into your bloodstream. They can also fit well in your recipes and dishes and can be a delicious way of introducing CBD to your lifestyle.

Tincture preparation requires CBD rich strains of hemp. They have a longer shelf life compared to raw extracts and instantly get absorbed when taken sublingually. They usually come in a small bottle packaging varying between 10ml to 30ml and have varying concentrations based on the purpose of use. The dosage can be adjusted based on your requirements by the number of drops taken. Tinctures offer an advantage over the use of CBD oil as it contains an evolved profile of cannabidiol. The oil extraction process tends to eliminate a few, which may turn out to be useful for your body.

The importance of dosage

Like every other treatment method, the effectiveness of CBD lies in understanding the right dosage. While cannabinoids are beneficial to your health, overdoing them might not give you any enhanced effects. Overdosing beyond limits could trigger side effects which might divert you from achieving the real benefits of the compound. Various factors determine the right dosage for individuals.

  1. The concentration of the tincture: The strength of the CBD tincture is a critical factor for determining the dosage levels. Concentration measurement is in milligrams, and the dosage variation highly depends on this value. High concentration CBD tinctures mean the user will need to take fewer drops to achieve the same effects. Yet the concentration should be at par with the expected benefits to ensure you are not overdoing it. For example, if you have a 1000mg concentration CBD tinctures of 100 ml bottle, then each ml contains 10 mg of CBD. Visit www.cbdoil.co.uk to understand the range of CBD tincture options in detail and explore the label to understand CBD concentrations better.
  • The Desired effects: The severity of the situation or problem in focus determines the type of CBD tinctures and the level of dosage. People suffering from chronic pain conditions such as arthritis or multiple sclerosis often look at heavy dosages to reduce the pain symptoms and achieve relief. Based on the intensity of pain, the dosage levels might increase.
  • Individual Tolerance: Our body can develop natural tolerance for any compound that we consume over a period. It means that the same level of dosage may not give you the same levels of effects, as your body now negates its effects. This impact calls for higher doses over time for the same level of outcomes, which is a critical point to keep in mind.
  • Individual Bodyweight: A person’s weight influences the effects of CBD on the body. People weighing more require higher dosages or higher concentrations of extracts to achieve the same benefits compared to lean people. It is another crucial factor to keep in mind while determining the levels of CBD to consume.

Determining the right dosage of CBD for you

The truly best way to determine the right dosage of CBD for you is with a personalized CBD Dosage Calculator. For individuals weighing less than 130lbs, your dosage varies between 11mg to 17 mg, in steps of two based on the intensity level. If you fall within the 130lbs to 230 lbs club, then your basic dosage starts from 18mg and lasts till 27mg in steps of 3mg. If your weight is above 230lbs, then your range is between 23mg and 45 mg in steps of 6mg.

The condition that you want to treat also determines the right dosage necessary for possible results. The lower end of the range is for mild conditions, whereas the higher end is for users facing severe symptoms of the ailments.

Chronic pain – Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis: 3mg to 20 mg

Mental Health disorders: 40 -160 mg

Epilepsy: 200-300 mg

Schizophrenia: 40 – 1300 mg

*The frequency of dosage depends on the severity of the condition.

Important to Remember

If you are a novice, you must start with low concentration and dosages to understand the body’s reaction to the compound better. Gradually ramp up the course to the levels appropriate for your condition. Also, do not expect prompt results. Wait a few hours before you decide whether to add up to the dose. Be careful about going beyond the suggested limits of consumption, as this might trigger some side effects in the body.

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