7 Reasons Why Kratom And CBD Are So Popular

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People have always been inclined towards using natural remedies when it comes to health. They are organic, effective, affordable, and also safe. The sudden paradigm shift towards herbal options has led to the emergence of holistic remedies like CBD and kratom. Their medicinal properties are making them a part of every household. If you are wondering why CBD and kratom and getting so much attention, you are in the right place. Read on and find out. 

What is kratom?

If kratom is new to you, let us enlighten you about what it is. Kratom, or Mitragyna Speciosa, is a botanical product that originates in South-Asian subcontinent. Kratom is used for textiles as well as medicines. People have been relying on the herb for centuries to treat many health troubles in a natural way. There are plenty of strains of this plant, and the effect it has might vary with the one that you pick. The quality of kratom you use must also be superior, which is why we only trust the Golden Monk for our favorite kratom capsules.

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What is CBD?

While you might see CBD and CBD products all around you, do you know what it is? CBD, or cannabidiol, is among myriad cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. It is a therapeutic and non-psychoactive chemical compound which means it doesn’t get you high, but instead  counters the psychoactive effects of another cannabinoid, called THC. Manufacturers use a rigorous Co2 extraction process to get CBD from the plant. You can get it in the form of isolates, oils, topicals, and even mary’s edibles.

Why are kratom and CBD getting popular?

Here are a few factors that may explain the popularity of kratom and CBD in today’s world:

1.       May alleviate pain

Suffering from chronic, debilitating pain can make it difficult for you to live an ordinary life. While there are plenty of artificial painkillers that can help you get temporary relief from pain, CBD and kratom are now becoming the prominent choice. Kratom binds with the mu-opioid receptors present in your brain to bring down the pain.

On the other hand, CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid system to help you with pain. The cannabinoids bind with the CB1 and CB2 receptors present inside your organs and help to change how your body reacts to stimuli. Consuming these organic herbs can bring immediate relief from excruciating pain. You can get similar effects from painkillers but they also bring with them several side-effects.

2.       May help with mental health

The fast-paced life that people lead in today’s time often leads to psychological ailments. Due to this, disorders like stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression have become common. therapeutic properties of kratom and CBD may also extend to mental disorders. Mitragynine is an active ingredient present in kratom, which is known to have anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Kratom may help relax the mind and keep stress at bay.

CBD does NOT get you high.

Similarly, when CBD interacts with the receptors present inside you, it may calm both your body and mind. It may reduce anxious feelings and help you sleep better. The cannabinoid might also boost the level of serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, to keep you in a good mood.

3.       Help with substance abuse

People who are hooked on drugs like opium find it hard to quit using them. It leads to opioid abuse which can take a toll on their health. Here, kratom might come to their aid.  Kratom induces an effect which is similar to opium but without any side-effects. It is helping people reduce their dependence on drugs and make a shift towards healthy living. What makes it so effective is that there is little chance of getting addicted to kratom, even after regular use. Similarly, consuming CBD may also bring down withdrawal symptoms like cravings or anxiety in people hooked to drugs.

4.       Increases alertness

More and more people are consuming CBD or kratom before performing a task that needs their utmost focus and concentration. Wondering why? It is because these herbal compounds may increase alertness. Consuming them can give a boost to the functioning of your brain. If you need better concentration and prolonged attention span, consuming kratom, or even CBD might help you achieve it. Whether you are studying for an exam or preparing a pitch for a client, you may be able to complete it with utmost focus if you use these herbs.

5.       Might give you an energy boost

Do you often feel tired? It is time to give CBD or kratom a try. Both herbal products may improve your metabolism and give you a sudden energy boost from the food you consume. It may also improve blood circulation, thus boosting the oxygen levels in your blood. Whether it is carrying out regular tasks or hitting the gym, you might have more energy after using kratom and CBD. Besides that, they might also help you lose weight. 

6.       Works as a dietary supplement

CBD that comes from hemp plants are abundant with nutrients. It contains calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and even antioxidants. Often called a superfood, more and more people are using CBD as a dietary supplement. It not only provides all the nutrition but may also help people in staying healthy. Kratom also has an abundance of alkaloids that may strengthen your immune system.

7.       Organic and safe

Amid the advancement in science and medicine, there are myriad artificial options available for treating a health issue. But people today are becoming more interested in healthier and safer alternatives. CBD and kratom come from plants, making them entirely safe and organic. They are helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle to keep many diseases at bay naturally. If you are also planning on using natural medicines, you might want to give CBD or kratom a try. 

cbd and kratom could be considered superfoods

Final thoughts

While CBD has been in the limelight during the last decade, kratom is still far behind. Both CBD and kratom are quite identical, but the benefits they offer vary significantly. From alleviating pain or anxiety, from enriching your diet to boosting your metabolism, CBD and kratom may do wonders for you. Consult your doctor and then get your hands on quality CBD or kratom to get healthy.

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