Don’t Believe These Myths About CBD

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Chances are you’ve been hearing a lot about cannabinoid, more commonly called CBD. Like many, you may be having trouble sorting the facts from the misconceptions surrounding this popular compound. Below, some common myths are debunked so you can better understand what you are dealing with when it comes to CBD.

The Effectiveness of CBD Hasn’t Been Proven

Because the scientific world has barely scratched the surface when it comes to investigating CBD as a treatment for a variety of medical conditions, there is little conclusive evidence of its efficacy. This is partly due to marijuana-derived CBD’s classification as a Schedule 1 narcotic, meaning only certain universities have been permitted to research it. However, at least one CBD-based medication has received FDA approval for the treatment of seizures that have been difficult to manage. CBD is also showing promise for a range of other conditions, including the most common type of cancerous brain tumors, called glioblastomas. It is also being found to aid in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and colon cancer, and numerous studies indicate that it is effective in controlling social anxiety. While much more investigation needs to be done, credible research is already demonstrating the effectiveness of CBD.

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CBD Is Addictive

Because some CBD is derived from marijuana, there is a misconception that it can become habit forming in the manner of marijuana and other drugs. However, because CBD does not work in the brain in the same way the THC in marijuana does, it does not produce the same effect of feeling high. Studies have shown that people do not build up a tolerance or dependence on CBD, and even the World Health Organization has found that CBD is well tolerated and has no withdrawal symptoms. There is little evidence to show that people who use CBD become addicted.

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CBD Is Illegal in Some States

This is a common misconception, perhaps because although CBD is legal in all 50 states there are some distinctions. Essentially it boils down to the source of the CBD; if it is sourced entirely from hemp it is naturally very low in THC and therefore it is legal everywhere in America. Whether the form is CBD gummies, vapes or oils, if the CBD is derived from hemp it is permissible.

If the CBD is derived from marijuana, that’s where things get murkier. If your state has laws supporting the recreational use of marijuana, then all CBD is legal in your state. However, in states with only medical marijuana laws on the books, marijuana-derived CBD may not be available to you without a prescription.

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All CBD Is the Same

As noted above, CBD can be derived from either hemp or marijuana which alone demonstrates that it isn’t all the same. But more ingrained in this myth is the notion that if you’ve tried one form of CBD you’ve tried them all, which can be disheartening to those who had a bad experience or didn’t achieve the desired result the first time they tried CBD.

Be sure you know the difference between edibles and sublinguals

Knowing whether your CBD is hemp or marijuana derived can ensure you’re taking the product that is best for you, and beyond that there are other distinctions that may guide you to make the right choice. Reputable producers will label their goods with a Certificate of Analysis to verify the quality of their products. There should also be an indication of the amount of CBD included in the product; you’ll want to select the right strength for your needs. In general, most experts recommend you start with a lower dosage and work up from there. Most importantly, if the first thing you try isn’t working for you, don’t think that it means no CBD product will work for you.

Although CBD is becoming very popular, it is still widely misunderstood. Learning more about the myths surrounding CBD can help you better determine if it is the right choice for you.

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