Top 6 New Innovations in CBD Products

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The CBD market has grown exponentially in the past decade. As more and more people have started using CBD to mitigate health issues or solve them altogether, innovators in the industry have been reaching new heights of creating clever ways to ingest the helpful supplement. As the market grows, consumers are becoming more educated and are appreciating whatever diversity of products that CBD companies can bring to the table. In fact, many people even use CBD to treat their furry best friends’ anxieties! As new products and spins on old products are created, consumers have an exciting opportunity to see what is going on in the CBD industry. Here are six CBD product innovations that are currently happening.

1. Gummies

Not everyone likes to take their CBD in a tincture form. Some people prefer to have a little bit of fun while taking this supplement. This is why CBD gummies exist! These are chewable and even have some taste in them. These are a great option for adults who want their supplements to be chewable and have a taste. They are also a great option for any children who have been prescribed to take CBD by a medical professional. Overall, gummies with CBD in them are a fun innovation and fantastic option.

2. Edibles

Another innovation that has come to fruition in recent years is the CBD edible. Edibles allow people who are away from their home often during the day to discreetly and enjoyably take their CBD dosage. CBD edibles include brownies, cookies and more. They can be a sweet treat for someone to eat after a difficult day or a consistent way to reap the benefits of CBD.

3. Lotions

CBD topicals are a great innovation for anyone who wants CBD to help one particular part of their body. Anyone dealing with aches and pains in any part of their body. CBD lotion has CBD oil infused into a moisturizing cream that is meant to be applied directly to the skin and not ingested. This can be incredibly useful for athletes, people with surface injuries and anyone who holds stress in their muscles.

4. Mints

A fun and inventive creation that you can use to quell anxiety and make your breath smell great is a CBD breath mint. This is a good way to take CBD easily, quickly and in public and make your breath smell minty fresh all at the same time. CBD mints often do not have a very high dosage per unit, so that makes this a great way to ingest small amounts of CBD at a time.

5. Makeup

The cosmetic industry is currently worth around $97.3 billion in the United States alone! That is a huge area of business into which CBD has recently entered. Some currently popular Cad beauty products include scented oils, anti-wrinkle products, face masks and more. As celebrities with large followings advertise their CBD use in this part of the industry, there is sure to be a growth in variety and amounts of CBD infused cosmetic products.

6. Restaurants 

As people begin to enjoy the fruits of the CBD industry’s innovations, new opportunities open up in the field of CBD edibles. People all over have been taking the edible CBD idea to new heights by opening up CBD themed restaurants. The entire restaurant industry is buzzing about this new corner of the marketplace and it is certainly a trending topic in most big cities.

As a larger variety of people try to see the benefits of any given CBD product, more and more people will get creative with their business ventures. CBD is becoming so impactful that one day you may even see the building of a museum of CBD history. If there is one thing that is certain it is that the world of CBD is only expanding and changing. Keep an eye out on this exciting industry and you are sure to find something that works for you!

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