Will CBD Get Me High?

CBD high

For the past couple decades it’s felt as though most growers have focused on creating strains that maximize Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It makes a certain bit of sense: if you are a cannabis consumer looking to get high on a budget, you’re going to want to maximize the THC you’re receiving in each purchase. Thus, demands for strains that have higher THC content were placed on growers.

However, ever since the story of Charlotte Figi the little girl whose Dravet’s Syndrome was managed by high-CBD cannabis) took the world by storm, the cannabis community’s focus has shifted towards the promotion of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Charlotte Figi
Charlotte Figi in a cannabis garden.

Will CBD get me high?

Smoking, swallowing, or topically applying CBD won’t get users “high” in the same way they are used to when smoking their garden variety cannabis. It may promote a sense of relief and relaxation, especially in the body. However, it won’t render a user incapable of driving a motor vehicle nor functioning normally at their place of business. That makes CBD a non-psychoavtive substance and, thereby, safe for those concerned with the mental health, people needing to medicate without feeling inebriated, and parents who want to keep their children sober, but still deliver effective treatment.

Fun fact: CBD can actually block THC’s binding to CB1 receptors. That’s why smoking a high-CBD strain can actually be used to help curtail an anxious high.

CBD’s non-psychoactive nature is mainly due to the fact that CBD has little to no attraction to cells in your nervous system that have CB1 receptors. These are cells that are considered to be part of your endocannabinoid system. THC, on the other hand, has an attraction to these cells. It’s actually the stimulation of these cells that leads to the “high” that many experience when ingesting THC.

Instead of activating CB1 receptors, CBD actually allows for more anandamide to be present in the system (by preventing it from being broken down). Anandamide, which is normally present in the body and brain, then goes on to affect CB1 cells in a way that doesn’t overstimulate them and result in a “high” the same way that CBD would.

The line of skincare products at RXCannaCare definitely won’t get you mentally high. However, the relief you may experience from the products could certain lead to such a state of euphoria that you might as well be high!

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