2016 California Cannabis Business Expo: Day 1 Wrap-Up


Today marked the first day of the 2nd Annual California Cannabis Business Expo (CCBE). Held at The Hilton in Union Square, San Francisco, the conference drew in thousands of attendees. MJIC Media produced the event.

CEOs, investors, brands, growers, and dispensary owners from all across the United States (and we’re sure the world) came together under one roof with a variety of angles, but one purpose: further the development of the legal cannabis industry.

Even some well-known cannabis social media influencers were in attendance!

The event featured a live debate entitled: Marijuana Policy: Which Way Should it Go? On the pro side of things was Ethan Nadelmann. On the negative was David Evans from the Drug-Free Schools Coalition. Cannabis Radio and other twitter users did a great job of live-tweeting both sides of the debate. Check out some highlights below.

David Evans:

That one we’d like to see some citations for…

That one kind of hurt….

Let’s not forget that we are helping people, though…

It’s always important to take into account not only the number of lives that are positively affected by legalization but also those who will be harmed. While it may be difficult to sympathize, it is important to note that many people rely on the marijuana black market to make a living. This way of life may be extinguished soon and with the startup costs involved in running a legal marijuana business, it might be the end of the road for some. Nonetheless, this doesn’t seem like the best argument against legalization…

By the time David Evans left the stage the tension in the air at the California Cannabis Business Expo was palpable, even within the Twitterverse! In fact…

Ethan Nadellman:

Also in attendance was Tom Lackey, voicing his thoughts on the legislative landscape. He raised some very crucial points that many who are pro-legalization tend to ignore during their advocacy. For instance, Tom spoke at length on the importance of educating people that it’s not okay to use marijuana and drive.

It’s true. With great freedom, comes great responsibility. All of us that are pro-cannabis reform must acknowledge that the plant is psychoactive and capable of rendering one unfit for driving a vehicle. While most people would argue that ingesting cannabis makes them more cautious, it’s still an undeniable truth that they are intoxicated and should not take the liberty to get behind a powerful piece of machinery capable of injuring themselves and others.

The conference has been well balanced thus far. Weighing in from both sides of the legalization argument is important for keeping perspective.

Retaining scope of the sincere differences between medical and recreational marijuana is also important. While medical marijuana ensures that people get their potentially life-saving medicine, recreational use is more luxurious and less pressing of an issue. While both sides will agree that a plant that grows naturally has no business being controlled by the government, it is important to recognize the legislative tides and not try to turn a pro-medical debate into a pro-recreational one.

Some attendees were of the opinion that a mention of Bernie Sanders’ recent bill should have been cast forward for debate. It is, after all, one of the more progressive bills to be put forth by a senator, especially during an election year.

Panels rounded out the night covering topics such as how we address health insurance in the canabis industry.

With a bunch of cannabis enthusiasts under one roof, we can be sure that tonight will be memorable (or not!).

We look forward to Day 2 of the California Cannabis Business Expo.

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California Cannabis Business Expo

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