2016 California Cannabis Business Expo: Day 2 Wrap-Up


Following up on an exciting Day 1, filled with lively debates and keynotes, the California Cannabis Business Expo (CCBE) had an extremely successful second day in San Francisco at The Hilton in Union Square.

As with any conference, networking was everywhere on Day 2! As an industry focused on a plant that naturally encourages a sense of peacefulness in its partakers, cannabis business executives are particularly open to networking, socializing, and educating themselves and others. The Twitterverse was lively today with tweets to and from the various vendors who had set up booths throughout the exhibit halls. We’ve curated a few highlights immediately below and then go on to share highlights from the event’s dense itinerary that focused on education, legalization, and business.



Kickstarting the talks on education, business, and everything cannabis industry was Bruce Barcott.

Assemblymen were present. In particular, Rob Bonta gave a keynote on the new cannabis regulations.

Even the former Illion MMJ director, Bob Morgan, was present to discuss medical marijuana policy!

Even demographic-specific groups are beginning to form and rally for legalization!

The advocacy and education was nothing short of omnipresent 🙂


Naturally, a healthy reality-check is always important…

As well as always keeping perspective on the fact that the evolution of this industry is an amazing and prosperous journey!

And gearing up to impact millions of people’s lives…

WeedClub also hosted a pitch panel where startups could take the stage, express their company’s ideas, and receive feedback from investors and audience members. We certainly had an incredibly valuable experience the first time we pitched at a WeedClub event!

Advice towards fellow industry leaders was abound!


The munchies were on point! Thanks to Poseidon Asset Management for hooking it up!

We’re sure tonight promises to be nothing short of amazing. Kaliko says it best with his tweet.

What an amazing and rare opportunity to be in attendance of this revolutionary conference. Who would have though, then years ago, that people would be able to gather and discuss the pending (and hopefully inevitable) rollout of legal cannabis throughout the U.S.A. These are exciting times indeed. Props to MJIC Media for making this happen!

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California Cannabis Business Expo

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