2016 California Cannabis Business Expo: Day 3 Wrap-Up


The second annual California Cannabis Business Expo in San Francisco has come to an end after 3 days of networking, pitches, expos, and debates.With the lively debates from Day 1 still inciting murmurs across the attendees, the 3rd and final day of the expo had a strong focus on lectures, expos, and meet-and-greets. The conference organizers, MJIC Media, did a grade-A job of keeping the conference balanced and informative with legislators, innovators, producers, and consumers. They even made sure to keep the perspective full-circle by specifically inviting anti-legalization leaders to round-out the discussions.

We tuned into the Twitterverse to bring you a curated tasting of everything the California Cannabis Business Expo had to offer!

Vendors and networking were both in abundance.

Even Julian Marley, with a fantastic new brand, Marley Naturals, on the market, made an appearance!

Spotlight presentations afforded brands a chance to increase their exposure and, hopefully, meet their next investor.

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape, keeping up with things like taxation and licensing can be a full-time job. Fortunately, the conference had some great knowledge downloads from professionals like Mike Parnes to keep us all up to speed on all things red-tape.

With the legal cannabis industry still in its infancy, the inspiration to progress it is fueled by passionate individuals who recognize the enormous potential this plant has almost all facets of life!

And let’s not forget one of the most important motivations to attend a conference: swag!


The California Cannabis Business Expo was nothing short of a massive success. MJINC truly outdid themselves, making sure to put an emphasis on level-headed debates, information aggregation, and networking portals.

We’ll see you next year! If you missed out on Day 1 or Day 2, check out our writeups!

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California Cannabis Business Expo
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