High Times 2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup Winners

2016 High Times Cannabis Cup Winners

The 2016 Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup hosted by High Times was a historical one, being the first-ever of its kind. It was an amazing weekend, with free dabs (who doesn’t love that?!), and a much more chill vibe. Cup attendees were given a strong performance from B.O.B. and an interesting one that was cut short from the legendary Lil’ Wayne (see the coverage from TMZ).

Among all the “dabsanity” the winners of the cup emerged proudly and here there are:

Best Product

1st Place: Dr. OGX


2nd Place: Liquid Shatter
3rd Place: BAMF

Best Booth

1st Place: Puffco

2nd Place: Whoopi & Maya
3rd Place: SOURCEvapes

Best Vaporizer

1st Place: Puffco – Puffco Plus

2nd Place: SOURCEvapes
3rd Place: TIE: Gold Drop Co. and Dr. Dabber – Aurora Vaporizer

Best Vape Pen Cartridges, Sativa

1st Place: Cali-O Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf

2nd Place: Juicy Fruit by Legion of Bloom
3rd Place: Sour Purple by Eureka Vapor

Best Vape Pen Cartridges, Hybrid

1st Place: Lemon Chem Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf

2nd Place: Key Lime by Sol Selects
3rd Place: Vegan Buddha Velvet by Vegan Buddha with New Amsterdam Naturals

Best Vape Pen Cartridges, Indica

1st Place: Skywalker Kingpen by 710 Kingpen/Greenwolf

2nd Place: Exodus Cheese by Legion of Bloom
3rd Place: Northern Lights by Eureka Vapor

Best Medically Infused Product (MIP)

1st Place: Crockett’s Family Strawberry Banana Jewels by Crockett Family Farms

2nd Place: Headfruit Rosin by Legion of Bloom
3rd Place: Moon Rocks by Farmers Reserve/Vapenit Xtracts

Best Non-Solvent, Rosin Tech

1st Place: Strawberry Banana Flower Rosin by A.H.H.S. West Hollywood & Cali Sift Co.

2nd Place: The OG Kush Story by Cali Kush Farms & Rosin Brothers & Greenwolf LA
3rd Place: Strawberry Banana Rosin by Crockett Family Farms

Best Non-Solvent, Water Hash & Kief

1st Place: Cookies & Cream Cubantech Drysift by Exotic Genetix with The Cuban Grower and Cuban Hash Queen

2nd Place: Vegan Buddha Velvet Kush by Vegan Buddha
3rd Place: GoldWalker Full Melt Hashish (Cali Gold 73u X Skywalker OG 73u) by Cali Gold Genetics

Best Solvent, Compound Concentrate

1st Place: Strawberry Smoothie by A.H.H.S. West Hollywood & Dabbalicious

2nd Place: Apple Crumble by Sol Selects
3rd Place: Sour OG by Eureka Vapor

Best Solvent, Pure Extract

1st Place: Lemon Medley Shatter by Kush Company and Nature’s Lab Extracts

2nd Place: Strawberry Banana Goo Stardust THCa Sugar Sap by Rollinghill Famers with Blue River and Stardust
3rd Place: Maui Waui by Eureka Vapor

Best Solvent — Single Strain Extract, Sativa

1st Place: Purple Tangie Live Resin Crumble by Greenwolf/Moxie/Zeinstein

2nd Place: Crockett Haze by Crockett Family Farms & Gold Coast Extracts
3rd Place: Lemon Drop by Dr. Greenthumb

Best Solvent — Single Strain Extract, Hybrid

1st Place: Strawberry Lemonade Live Resin Shatter by Wolfpack/Loud Pack/DNA

2nd Place: Purple Mint Cookies Live Resin by Herbal Solutions in collaboration with Loyalty Extracts

3rd Place: Lemon Skunk Banana Sherbert Budder Chips by Gold Coast Extracts with Crockett Family Farms

Best Solvent — Single Strain Extract, Indica

1st Place: Sour Kosher by Greenwolf/Moxie/Zeinstein

2nd Place: Bob Ross Budder Chips by Crockett Family Farms with Gold Coast Extracts

3rd Place: Capitol OG Budder by Critical Concentrates with CHR

Best CBD Concentrates

1st Place: Harley Quinn Live Resin Shatter by Loud Pack/Greenwolf/Crockett Family Farms

2nd Place: Mai Tai Cookies Live Resin by WHTC with Unregistered and Terraform Genetics
3rd Place: CBD Isolate by King Moses in Collaboration with Top Shelf Extracts

Best Glass:

1st place: Scozz Dragon by Exotic Genetix

2nd place: Greenwolf LA

3rd place: Atomic