Celebrities Cashing in On The Marijuana Business

Marijuana business is big business. The cannabis rush has officially begun! Recreational cannabis is now a reality in four states, as well as in Washington, D.C. As a result, several companies have popped up looking to service the needs of savvy potheads looking for a legal high.

Among this new group of investors and entrepreneurs are some of america’s most notable stars and personalities looking to cash out where recreational cannabis is concerned. Celebrities have long looked to leverage their brand to build businesses and secure income outside of the entertainment industry.

This recent legalization has led many of our favorite actors, athletes, musicians, and entertainers to secure themselves a fresh role… as America’s new cannabis barons.

Here is a list of celebrities who hope to win it big with their marijuana business:




Montel Williams– the former T.V. talk show personality has been a strong advocate of medical cannabis for more than a decade. He suffers from multiple sclerosis and has used medical cannabis to successfully treat his symptoms for quite some time.

He has opened up his own dispensary in Northern California and is backing an effort to pass marijuana legalization in Ohio.

Bob Marley
  Bob Marley’s family has struck a deal with a marijuana-only investment fund, Privateer Holdings, to market a line of cannabis products (Marley Naturals) that include branded cannabis flower and oil and bath products such as lotions and body scrubs. The hygiene products will be infused with hemp seed oil as well as native Jamaican botanicals. Too bad our favorite weed advocate can’t be here to enjoy the fruits of his legacy with us.


The WeekndToronto based singer/songwriter The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has signed a deal to endorse the popular PAX brand of Vaporizers. PAX is a San Francisco-based company that produces handheld tobacco and marijuana vaporizers. PAX vaporizers have become a hit with cannabis lovers everywhere.

The Weeknd’s  collaboration featured a Limited edition PAX vaporizer branded with The Weeknd’s trademark “XO” logo. The special edition vaporizers were offered alongside other merchandise at his fall 2015 “The Madness” tour.

Wiz Khalifa
self styled pot aficionado and rapper Wiz Khalifa is making several powerhouse moves. He has partnered up with California dispensary “The Cookie Co.” to release “Khalifa Kush”, a collection of branded pot strains that reflect his own personal preferences and taste when it comes to cannabis flower.

He has also partnered up with River Rock Cannabis to expand the line of Khalifa Kush products into Colorado’s regulated recreational pot market. In addition, RAW rolling papers

In addition, RAW rolling papers has partnered with the rapper to create a line of branded pre-roll tins featuring 3-D art as well as short tipped cones capable of fitting 8% more product than standard cones.

Snoop Dogg
Calvin Broadus Jr. (aka Snoop Dogg) has been an advocate and, quite frankly, representative of the cannabis community for quite some time. He’s created marijuana business after marijuana business — with much success. Snoop Dogg has found a way to elegant combine his love of green cannabis and green paper by being the world’s definitive “ganjapreneur”. Snoop has accredited himself as an investor by dumping millions into a variety of cannabis startup enterprises.

Furthermore, Snoop’s “Leafs” brand of cannabis, boasting high-quality product and pleasing packaging, has been a hit in Colorado. Let’s not forget that Snoop has been cashing in on cannabis by way of making referential songs and movies for years.

Seth Rogen
– The over the top comedic actor has partnered up with actor Snoop Dogg to found the website MerryJane.com — a marijuana news site that aims to shed some light on the misinformation propagated by various drug war advocates and pot naysayers.

This is definitely one we will be watching. Hopefully when all is said and done, Mr. Rogen will feel comfortable putting his name on his own brand of Pineapple Express.

Willie Nelson
– Iconic musician  has partnered up with NY based Tuatara Capital to develop and release a brand of recreational cannabis products carrying the singer’s name. The product to be called “Willies Reserve” will bear the name and face of Nelson and will be distributed in Colorado through the regulated recreational framework that exist there.

Melissa Etheridge
– Wine lovers everywhere prepare to bow down to this rockstar. She’s bringing to market a brand of cannabis infused wines that promise to bring a little extra zing to your next wine tasting.

However, Etheridge swears that this venture is not about profits. She insists that it’s more about activism and using her love for wine to put out a message of tolerance for recreational cannabis use.

Kevin Smith
– One of our favorite independent filmmakers, Kevin Smith, is using one of his more recent movies, “Tusk”, to brand some very appealing strains. The new strains are named Mr. Tusk and White Walrus after the movie that inspired them.

The products will be released through LA dispensary ”Buds & Roses”. You can look forward to seeing “mallrats” everywhere enjoying the pleasures of Mr. Smith’s latest creation.

Tommy Chong
–  Stand-up/movie/music entertainer Tommy Chong has developed his own brand of Febreeze-like odor remover called Smoke Swipe that had been formulated to specifically remove cannabis smoke odors from clothing.

He’s also released his own brand of Cannabis called Chong Star that is high in CBD and apparently is inspired by his appearance on Dancing With The Stars in 2014. Chong has also partnered with another huge marijuana business, Futurola, to market a “cone-roller” — promising to make rolling perfect joints an easy endeavor.

Whoopi Goldberg
– Famous for her longstanding seat on The View, Whoopi has long been an advocate for women. Her latest endeavor, weed tampons, aim to solve one of the most plaguing health issues facing women: debilitating menstrual cramps. Hitting the market soon, these tampons will have a dose of CBD. So close to the source of discomfort, these products are showing great promise from early testimonials.

While these celebrities have a massive head start on their marijuana business due to their prior fame, the cannabis community, known for its rejection of large corporations, might very well reject products that are clearly taking advantage of the emerging market.

Only time will tell.

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