Exclusive: First Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup

medical cannabis cup

Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup is a Great Success

Southern California has decided, medical concentrates are an effective way to provide highly potent treatment options for those who enjoy or need it. While there is a stigma that extracts can either be too dirty or too intense, cannabis connoisseurs have developed the extraction methods and technology further to bring the cannabis industry to where it is today.

At the Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup, the finest extract companies showcased their concentrates on display, providing plenty of free dabs for everyone in the medicated section. With clean and state of the art extraction methods, stoners from all demographics can be sure to find the most potent and healthiest concentrates.

The weekend-long event featured concerts on Friday and Saturday night, finished off with the awards ceremony on Sunday night. The Cannabis Concentrates Cup was a great time for everyone in the community, and stoners will be glad to hear there will be another Cannabis Cup this year in October.

Shocking: Medicated Events Are Safer and More Fun than Bars

Who would have thought that having an outdoor event where stoners can get together and freely smoke would be a good idea? With dangerous activities such as “hug the tree” and “relax on the grass”, it is no surprise why cannabis is still federally illegal.

This year, High Times tried something new by introducing multiple Cannabis Cup events in one year. While they hosted their main Cannabis Cup back in April during 4/20, the Cannabis Concentrates Cup was held this past weekend at the same location, the NOS Center in San Bernardino.

Now that the NOS Center has had multiple cannabis events this year, they have figured out how to use their space properly. This time, the atmosphere had the vibe of a park, rather than an outdoor mall of cannabis vendors.

With over 120 acres, there is plenty of space to walk around outdoors in the sunny desert (as well as their cooled indoor tents). VIP ticketholders will be pleased to be greeted with an exclusive VIP booth that has more vendors that are not accessible to the public.

Cannabis Concentrates Cup

The best part about the Cannabis Cup is that all of the vendors are handing out free samples left and right. This mark of kindness is standard in California’s industry culture. From dispensaries and extract companies lighting up free dabs, to edible companies handing out goodie bags filled with free samples, a ticket to this carnival gets you more than your money’s worth.

Brands in the cannabis industry are much different than most modern corporations today. Rather than being purely driven by profits, the cannabis industry is motivated by everyone’s love and desire to make the best marijuana to smoke and enjoy.

There are no bloated corporations here at the Cup. An outsider in attendance would definitely pick up on the sense of community. Passing around a blunt to share, the budtenders are the furthest from a sharky salesman. Even all of the people working at the booths are enjoying the good times, signifying the strength of the cannabis community.

In a world where it is socially acceptable to drink alcohol in bars and restaurants, the legalization status of marijuana makes it difficult to have an outdoor event where people can come together to smoke weed. While more events like the Cannabis Cup are needed, organizing them to have the proper legal regulations remains to be difficult. Hats off to High Times for taking this initiative.

What Makes Dabbing Awesome

While some still find dabbing off-putting, concentrates are here to stay, and for good reason. Many don’t like the idea of breaking out a blow torch to light their dab rig, and others have heard that concentrates can be made with potentially unhealthy extraction methods. However, a proper dab hit is one of the cleanest ways to smoke.

Sure, it could be possible to get your hands on some dirty extracts from an amateur down the street, but that can be easily avoided. By now, there are plenty of extract companies with a passion for making the cleanest extracts.

When you smoke flower, it still contains all of the unwanted plant matter. Smoking with concentrates ensures a pure high, giving only the therapeutic cannabinoids that you are looking for. While many of the extraction methods remove or degrade the terpenes in the plant, some concentrate makers take the extra step to reinsert the terpene profile of the plant back into the concentrate after the cannabinoids have been extracted.

Walking into the outdoor arena, I was more excited than an kid walking into an amusement park. Growers, edibles and extracts manufacturers, dispensaries, and others from the industry all setup with freebies and giveaways. An admission ticket gives you free access, with each dab hit sending your mind on a metaphysical roller coaster of bliss.

Cannabis Community Going and Growing Strong!

As our third industry cup event within the past year, second by High Times, we saw the San Bernardino crowd has reacted in many different ways to different cannabis events.

Blazer’s Cup was held at the NOS Center last December, pulling in seven thousand people in and hosting a concert featuring The Game, Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $, and others. The event overall seemed bloated with extremely long lines, expensive fees for medical recommendations, and over 300 vendors jammed into a grid filled with thousands of stoners walking from booth to booth.

At Blazer’s Cup, people who had paid for VIP also were disappointed to only find a lackluster VIP booth, which offered nothing extra, even though their ticket prices were much higher. The Cannabis Cup in April was more organized than Blazer’s Cup, which led to a better experience.

With high costs costs in ticket fees, I wondered if big cannabis was starting to creep its way into the industry. When I first heard that High Times would be hosting more Cups this year, I initially wondered if it was just an attempt to sell more admission tickets.

After attending the Cannabis Concentrates Cup, I can confidently say that this is not the case. Since this event was new and mainly focused on concentrates, the attendance had dropped a bit since the last cup. If anything, less people led to a better experience, as this gave the event an open and welcoming feel. Rather than being overcrowded with stoners stumbling into each other, everyone had plenty of room to roam from booth to booth.

In times where voter election fraud is becoming more apparent, we see how big corporations fund politicians and wash away the power of the common people’s vote. Perhaps these lobbyists and their dirty money are similar to the questionable vendors who give out free ganja only to the people that will vote for them in the Cannabis Cup.

Despite what the law says, the cannabis community is filled with loving people who are not afraid to express their freedom to smoke marijuana.

In the cannabis world, stoners are often subjugated into the two party system. I’m not referring to Republicans or Democrats here; others label us as either medical or recreational users, implying that you are either one or the other.

One strong message taken away from the Cannabis Cup was that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your medicine. Western culture will have us to believe that medicine must only be taken seriously. As a result, our medicine is meant only to heal us from sickness, and cannot not put us in a good mood. But what is wrong with having both?

Maybe it is these same people who think that voters must either identify as a Republican or a Democrat. Just as lobbyists prop liberals and conservatives against each other to slow down progress, we see time and time again that people slow down legalization by putting down the medical uses of cannabis and mentioning it’s recreational uses.

People fighting to keep cannabis illegal must be subscribing to the philosophy of “anything that feels good must be wrong”. Compared to the “medication” that is already being prescribed legally, it is difficult to justify that marijuana is too unhealthy or dangerous to remain legal.

While nobody wants to vote for President at this point in the race, California voters will at the least be able to express their freedom this November by casting a vote to fully legalize the recreational sale of cannabis. As legalization comes inevitably closer, we see that the increasing number of Cannabis Cups shows the strength of the marijuana community.

Cannabis Concentrates Cup Featured The Best Extracts

The Cannabis Cup came to a close on Sunday in typical fashion with the awards ceremony. From single strain extracts, to solvent and solventless, there were 13 categories in total for the first Cannabis Concentrates Cup.

The single strain extracts had three separate awards for best sativa, hybrid, and indica. Showcasing the diverse extraction methods of the industry, High Times included a CO2 extractions category. The best CBD concentrates was another category featured in the Cup.

Be sure to be on the lookout for our article showcasing the winners from the Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup.

More Medicated Cannabis Events Soon?

Recreational marijuana legalization in November for California, which encourages the growth of the community and connects the industry as a while. As the public sentiment drives the legislation to make cannabis legal,

As states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington have seen, legalization has seen a swift increase in regulation of the product from seed to sale. While some California growers are worried that legalization will lead to too strict regulations, others are excited, as it signifies a sense of freedom.

High Times has certainly shown that hosting frequent Cannabis Cups in one year is a great idea. While it is difficult to organize a medicated event in Los Angeles, San Bernardino has had the pleasure to be home to many great Cups recently. Cannabis fans will be excited to hear that another Cannabis Cup will be held there in October.