Why Your Vaping Business is Not Doing Well Online? – And How You Can Fix It

Millions of individuals are turning towards vaping products and E-cigarettes to quit smoking. Research shows that e-cigarette vaping reduces the number of cigarettes that a smoker use. As well, there are other many reasons why vaping business is proving to be a lasting industry. The various product categories help you carry an organized portfolio of each kind of vape products as well as accessories.

However, online businesses, including vaping, are not that easy to run. There are challenges and mistakes that online business owners do that limit their success.

Fortunately, there are some crucial aspects that you need to address early for a successful venture. Here are the reasons why your online vaping business is not doing well and their solutions:

1. Lack of proper branding and position

Customers have a notion that each vape shop is the same. Therefore, they can purchase vape products from any shop. At times, the number of customers buying from your online shop decrease; as the truth is, a decline in sales is equal to bad business.

How to fix it

As an online vape business owner, you should develop your competitive position. Ensure to brand your business and market it strategically. The vape industry is not the best place for people who are not aggressive.

It is wise to learn every day and listen to the veterans in this space. It helps you get it right, brings uniqueness, and drive traffic to your online business.

2. Inadequate inventory

Many online vape businesses shut down because of inadequate or lack of vape products. Customers will not come back or refer their friends when they learn that you lack some products. Also, unfit vape products may affect your business negatively because of customer reviews.

How to fix it

Ensure that you have adequate stock of essential vape products for your customers. Check frequently the level of your stock and order addition if the levels are low. It leads to a reliable online shop attracting more customers.

Start selling vape products that have high demand. Consult experts in the industry to know such products. Work with reliable distributors to ensure that products are always available. You can secure financing if you have issues with money.

3. Lack of proper search engine optimization for your online vape shop

SEO is the primary technique to increase traffic to your vape website. It improves the rank of your website on the search engines. SEO issues mean less traffic to your site.

How to fix it

Start with great content for your website. Add a blog segment to the website where you upload articles that do well on the search engines. Great articles need to delight readers. Go beyond and above when addressing the topic to captivate your website visitors.

Concentrate on articles. Write on narrower vape topics like ‘best fruit flavor punch e-liquid’ instead of general topics like ‘best e-liquid.’ A narrower search term is the best way to go because you may be the only person handling such a topic. It allows you to be at the top of the search results to drive traffic.

4. Lack of content marketing

Content marketing helps you reach more potential customers. Write several articles that address or answer some questions like how do I use an e-cigarette? How do I clean my e-cigarette? Lack of such information means that fewer people will visit your website.

How to fix it

Providing free vital information by answering some vape users’ questions increases the number of people visiting your website. Therefore, content marketing encourages more individuals to check your new or unfamiliar website.

Most of the vape competitors will not provide free information. Consequently, it will help you rank well on various search engines. It establishes your vape online website as a trusted and reliable source of crucial information. It helps build brand awareness.

5. Lack of quality vape products

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Potential customers read through customer reviews to assess many things about your business. Safety and reliability are some of the things they look for. Make sure that you offer genuine products and proper shipping for positive reviews. Negative reviews drive away traffic from your website, making it difficult for you to survive in the industry.

How to fix it

The safety of your customers should be paramount. So, get genuine vape products from trusted manufacturers. Do your homework well and get the best suppliers with quality products. Stock range of products like the best CBD vape products for men that are suitable for beginners and veterans. Provide warning or precaution information for some products. Alternatively, one can also try there hand on to pipe such as a genius pipe which is highly economical, long-lasting and portable.


Marijuana use for recreational or medicinal purposes is increasing each day because many people can grow the plant. There are many online dispensaries where to buy marijuana seeds and get the right information to start growing your marijuana plants is easy.

No doubt that vaping is a promising place. Nonetheless, its success depends on you. Address the above issues for you to remain relevant in the business. Above all, offer quality products and make sure that the customer is the king. 

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