WoahStork Unveils Cannabis Lifestyle Commercial

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LOS ANGELES, February 8, 2016 — In true “unicorn” startup fashion, online cannabis ordering platform WoahStork owns no commercial grow operations, employs no fleet of delivery drivers, and doesn’t stock a single gram of marijuana. Rather the company, who unveiled the alluring cannabis lifestyle video below, intends to revolutionize the process by which medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis users procure their herb using a unique combination of machine learning, gamification, and user experience simplification.

With their February 15th launch fast approaching, patients and early adopters in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are beginning to wait anxiously in anticipation. Touting both State and Federal compliance, coupon functionality and free listings for dispensaries, WoahStork’s service is set to fundamentally disrupt the emerging cannabis online ordering and delivery categories.

While the category has proliferated over the past 2 years in spite of regulatory instability, what makes the WoahStork platform so fascinating is the advanced technology behind their Strain Genie recommendation engine. Drawing parallels to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and the like, it is founder Nicco Reggente’s incorporation of machine learning that excites investors, techies, and consumers alike.

Using purchase history, personalized product-specific reviews, self-identified medical information, and current mood and situational factors, WoahStork’s Strain Genie will generate recommendations for the particular strains and edibles that are the ideal match for each user. As they make purchases and provide feedback, the platform is able to learn users’ preferences and make recommendations with ever-increasing accuracy.

As they interact with the platform, users earn reward points, called “Woahs”, which can be redeemed for discounts and other special perks. The system is HIPAA compliant, using state of the art PCI-III encryption on dedicated medical AWS servers to protect patients’ privacy and ensure the security of consumer data.

For more information,visit www.WoahStork.com

About WoahStork
Founded by Nicco Reggente, David Nguyen, and David Chester, WoahStork seeks to modernize the cannabis purchase process using machine-learning, gamification, and a simplified user interface. Like eBay or Airbnb, the platform provides patients and consumers access to an extensive network of local cannabis providers at a single web destination. Powered by an advanced machine learning algorithm, WoahStork’s Strain Genie offers recommendations for users based on their reviews of past purchases, medical conditions, and current mood, suggesting the strains and infused products that are most likely to produce the desired effects.

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