The Woody Harrelson Dispensary Will Not See The Light Of Day

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A Woody Harrelson Dispensary?

In January of 2016, The Aloha state announced they would allow for Hawaiian residents to apply for a medical marijuana dispensary license. Woody Harrelson is one of Hawaii’s most famous residents. When he heard the White Men Can’t Jump actor was submitting an application, we were ecstatic. Think about it: A Woody Harrelson dispensary would be nothing short of awesome. When a man is known for saying things like “a grownup is a child with layers on”, it is a major clue to us that he would know how to inject the right business values into a medical marijuana dispensary.

We were already dreaming of ordering some “Energize” products from his dispensary on WoahStork as we prepared to shred those sweet Hawaiian Waves.

The Woody Harrelson Dispensary Bid Was Rejected

After reviewing over 60 applications (which carried an application fee), eight entrepreneurs were selected to open up medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawaii per regulations put in place via HB 321. The bill allows for just eight dispensaries to operate within the state. The new law permits three dispensaries on Oahu, and two on both Maui and Kauai. However, Woody Harrelson was not one of the selected entrepreneurs.

Woody’s bid was denied by Hawaii’s Department of Health. However, the exact reason for his applications rejection is not known at the time. The selection process was carried out by a panel of four members who reviewed the applications put forth by prospective owners. Among the criteria looked at by the panel were factors such as proof of financial stability, ability to comply with safety and security requirements as well as being able to fully meet all the needs of all prospective patients.

Each applicant was thoroughly reviewed and given a score based on how well they satisfied each of the many criteria necessary for optimal operation. Though the panel has not released nor commented on the acceptance or rejection of applicants it is expected that the scores of the applicants will be released to the public in the next few weeks.

All selected applicants were required to pay a licensing fee of $75,000 to the state’s Department of Health within a week of receiving notice of their selection. In addition to the large licensing fee, applicants were also required to prove that they have $1,000,000 cash on hand as well as $100,000 for each dispensary location they plan to operate. Dispensaries are set to start opening as soon as July 2016.

Guess you’ll have to go with another choice until Hawaii allows for more medical marijuana dispensaries in their state. Sigh.