Clade 9: Blending The Art And Business of Growing Cannabis

Clade 9

Growing is an art form. It’s also one of the most profitable businesses around. Balancing craft and career is a delicate process — something Clade 9 knows all about.

I remember my obsessions with Neville’s Haze after discovering it in a dispensary seven years ago. It had everything I needed in a strain; it kept me energized, talkative, and philosophical. Our love affair was short-winded, though. I was never able to find it in a dispensary again. When it came time for my first grow, I knew I had to have my dear Neville’s Haze in the mix. As soon as I began my research, I learned why it was so rare: Neville’s Haze has a 16-week flowering period and a relatively low yield. If you’re trying to start an immensely profitable grow, Neville’s Haze probably wouldn’t be the first strain you’d choose.

Fortunately, Clade 9, a California grow-consultation company started in 2007, believes that profits and artistry can go hand in hand. Their suite of grow services make it possible for people like myself to lead a grow to profitability while retaining the ethos they originally started growing with.

Clade 9 believe in "yields up, costs down"

How do they do it? Well, it all comes down to data. Their rich dataset and hand-on grow-specific experimentation drives every element of their consultation from nutrients to genetics and cultivation practices. According to Clade9, the art is in the question, knowing where to look, and setting up the right experiment.

Armed with sophisticated data analyses, a large network of team members and in-house staff, Clade 9 offers a suite of services for growers of all shapes and sizes.

In true seed-to-cultivation form, Clade 9 ‘s expertise begins with genetics. Their genetics department is a unique conglomerate that formed over their 20 years of collaborations with master growers. Bred from heirloom and boutique stock, chosen rigorously over several generations, and guided by their selection algorithm (the Holmes Matrix ™), their seeds are bred to focus on plant vitality, abundant terpenes, and robust cannabinoid production.

After finding the right genetics for your desires and expectations, Clade 9 takes you through the enxt logical step: nutrient selection. Their nutrients arm features a stress-free five part feeding schedule that, on average, yields 90g per square foot per year and costs less than 7 cents per gram!

On top of it all, Clade 9 also offers what they call “Grow Room 2.0”—a full consulting service that offers grow room design, systems management, team training, and ongoing technical support so your grow team can leverage the latest technology and maximize the efficiency of their operations.

If your motto matches Clade 9’s “Yields Up. Costs Down”, then check out their website and see how they can help you accomplish your wildest grow dreams.

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