Looking For Your Next Piece? Check Out Headdies


Your piece is a piece of art. Always on the coffee table, in plain view to all your home’s visitors, your bong, bowl, or rig makes a definitive statement about your personality.

With their catchphrase “not your grandfather’s pipe”, Headdies aims to be the leading provider of “American Pipe Art”. Since it is Headdies’ hope that pipe art will one day be universally viewed and accepted as a legitimate art form, their collection of pieces are stunning. They have an array of super sturdy 50x5mm thick “Scientific Schott Glass”, micro bubblers, dab accessories, and their brand new DabVac.

headdies dab vac
Famous cannabis enthusiast Youtuber, CustomGrow420, shows off Headdie’s Dab Vac.

The Headdies DabVac is the ultimate water pipe adapter for e-juice and concentrates. Equipped with a reclaim catcher, the DabVac allows you to turn any bong into a dab rig. You simply heat the attached glass wand and dab it on the bowl where your concentrates lie and inhale! It’s a sincerely novel looking device and, gauging from customer reviews, is incredibly effective.

You can see the DabVac video and shop online for hundred of different pieces at headdies.com

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