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The cannabis industry is particularly collaborative. Whether you chalk it up to the inherently social component that surrounds marijuana or the fact that the industry is still in its infancy, it’s a fact that everyone is eager to work together.

It would have appeared that LinkedIN, with its 450Million members, would have fit the technological needs that surround collaboration in this digital age. Those who have experience in other industries are probably quite familiar with the rich feature set that promotes professional networking.

However, given the unfortunate stigma that still surrounds cannabis at a federal level, not every professional feels comfortable sharing their marijuana ventures with the entirety of their network. Enter Kalogia, the exclusive community dedicated to cannabis regulation, reform, and business.

Within the Kalogia platform, cannabis professionalisms have the unrivaled ability to connect with mentors, colleagues, and potential customers. Users can post to a “latest activity” feed that functions similar to a private Twitter. Business owners can also post job offerings, list their business in a directory of profiles, and initiate discussions surrounding Kalogia’s rich blog content and topics.

Boasting users from 40 countries and 41 of the United States, Kalogia has a strong focus on professionals and leaders; over half of their community is made up of executive leaders: CEOs, presidents, and founders. Kalogia’s networks spans across the whole industry, including growing and producing, retail and dispensary, advertising and public relations, wholesale and distribution, technology, and more!

Any business owner in the cannabis industry should learn, network, and share with Kalogia. You can sign up for their free service at www.kalogia.com.

About Nicco Reggente, PhD 167 Articles
Nicco is the co-founder and CEO of WoahStork and Strain Genie-- two companies dedicated to bringing to life his passion of bringing personalized medicine to the cannabis industry. Nicco received his PhD from UCLA in cognitive neuroscience with a focus on machine learning applied to neuroimaging datasets. He previously received two B.As from NYU in Psychology and Philosophy.

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