Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online With Presto Doctor

Presto Doctor Can Help You Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online

As a cannabis consumer and business owner in Los Angeles, California, I’m well aware of the most frustrating aspect of the medical marijuana industry: getting a recommendation. Without one, you can’t legally purchase cannabis from a dispensary unless you are in a state that has passed legislation permitting recreational marijuana (even CA won’t go into effect until 2018). Sitting in traffic and spending over an hour in a doctor’s waiting room, coupled with the social anxiety that comes with that process repels a lot of people from getting a medical marijuana card. Thus, those who are in need of medical marijuana might default to relying on a friend or an illegal source to acquire their medicine. Since medical cannabis is most responsibly sourced and tested (an important aspect since some cannabis can contain harmful fungicides) when it comes by way of a reputable medical marijuana dispensary, its best to do things by the book. Being able to get a medical marijuana recommendation online from a company like Presto Doctor would shave hours off the process of acquiring cannabis.

Presto Doctor Can Help You Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online

Fortunately, it’s now possible to get a medical marijuana recommendation online from the comfort of your home. All you need is your phone (or a computer with a webcam) and your ID. PrestoDoctor, the developers of a technology that lets you get a medical marijuana evaluation by video-chatting with an esteemed doctor is now seeing patients online in California and Nevada.

With 4 team members and 8 contracted physicians under their belt since launching in early 2015, Presto Doctor has worked tirelessly to provide their HIPAA compliant technology and facilitate the frustrating medical cannabis evaluation process. With the help of Presto Doctor, patients can seamlessly get access to the medicine they need.

PrestoDoctor told WoahStork they see all type of patients, but the most common are in the age range of 40-70. These same clients tell PrestoDoctor that their telemedicine experience was one of the best doctor’s evaluations they have ever received, both in cannabis and traditional medicine.

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To add a cherry on top, PrestoDoctor will immediately send you a PDF of your medical marijuana recommendation that you can upload to to get approved for ordering cannabis online. That means that within 20 minutes time, you can get a recommendation and place an order for cannabis, legally, online!

Presto Doctor Can Help You Get A Medical Marijuana Recommendation Online

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  2. I love yalls company & wish I was in a state where I could get my meds from you but I live where the biggest piece of crap in Washington well he helped make most of our laws b4 running up to D.C & trying to screw up all the work that’s been done to get safe meds & I pray that little girl who is sued his ass wins Jeff Sessions sucks & I need to move & stop visiting states where it’s legal but my family all 4 of them live on the Alabama Florida line & I can’t get medical marijuana unless I move but they can’t smoke flowers but they can vape & get eatables it’s so screwed up dw here but I love looking at yalls products & drool over but can I still buy things like cbds,seeds & bongs if so I’d gladly be a member & promote your products anyway stay lit it’s always 4:20

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