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With medical and recreational marijuana sweeping the nation, people from all walks of life are eager to get a piece of the action. The most obvious arena for new players, where they don’t have to get their hands dirty growing delicate plants, is a dispensary. Those with a retail experience may be under the impression that starting a retail dispensary will be just like a clothing store with a couple extra precautions. However, Medik8 knows that while the basis of retail remains across the two (i.e. there is an exchange of goods for monies), selling cannabis and clothes couldn’t be more different.

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Not only are there all the legal barriers to entry, there is the constant need for compliance in order to remain in the law’s good graces. Add onto that the need to identify the right providers, testing labs, security, manage delivery and advertise to customers and you quickly can become overwhelmed. We often hear that dispensary owners are eager to remove these time consuming, but necessary, remedial tasks so that they can focus on propelling their business without being tied down by micromanagement.

Fortunately, Medik8 Mobile provides an all in one HIPAA compliant software solution to licensed cannabis business owners by integrating solutions that manage seed to the sale logistics, partnering with producers, processors, cannabis collectives, testing labs, and government entities, authenticating reliable logistics, and controlled transparency, for all their clients. Medik8 even provides delivery logistics so that you can route your drivers most efficiently to patients in need.

Medik8 told WoahStork that their mission is to support and implement secure Track and Trace technology for both medical cannabis business owners and government agencies by leveraging their intelligent smart software applications. Such tools aim to mobilize and empower Medik8 clients with tools that can, on a daily basis, help them manage their business securely.

Such efforts ensure that productivity is at a high while also fortifying best business practices. Such practices decrease loss incidents and protect client inventory. This directly translates into revenue accountability.

Established in 2016, Medik8 already has 10 team members and is looking to shape and transform public knowledge and awareness by steering consistency across dispensaries. If you are thinking about starting a dispensary, visit their website at and use promotional code WOAHSTORK for a discount on their monthly pricing!

The one thing that Medik8 doesn’t offer is online ordering. If you are a dispensary looking to add online ordering, be sure to sign up for free at WoahStork.

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