5 Exciting Public Cannabis Growers

public cannabis growers

Despite anti-marijuana rhetoric from the U.S. Justice Department and continued federal restrictions on marijuana, the commercial cannabis industry is rolling toward the mainstream, and investors are poised to haul in cash especially in regards to public cannabis growers.

All of the firms on this list are publicly traded — many on the lower-profile over-the-counter markets (OTCMKTS) because of continuing friction between state and federal laws. National regulations on marijuana sale and cultivation are laxer in Canada, so the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) also provides a market for the Canadian firms on the list.

This list of five top public cannabis growers was compiled from reports published during the first half of 2017 from Benzinga, The Street, Forbes and other financial publications.

The following are five of the most exciting firms that produce, sell and develop cannabis and its derivatives.

Public Cannabis Growers

Cannabis Science CBIS

public marijuana growers : CBIS

Traded on OTCMKTS


Cannabis Science is a Colorado Springs-based research and development company dedicated to producing new pharmaceutical products from marijuana distillates

“Cannabis Science, Inc. takes advantage of its unique understanding of metabolic processes to provide innovative treatment options for unmet medical needs,” according to the company’s website.

Cannabis Science also grows their own raw material in “cultivation and production facilities that are cGMP compliant, surpassing high quality standard industrial and food processing requirements.”

According to the company website, they’re working on treating cancer and neurobehavioral disorders, for which they have a European patent application pending.

Canopy Growth (WEED)

public marijuana grower : WEED

Traded on TSX


Canopy Growth is a Canadian pot production operation with its central office in a former Hershey Chocolate factory in Smith Falls, Ontario. There, it grows its premier recreational brand called “Tweed,” according to the company website.

Canopy Growth’s medical brand is a different strain called Bedrocan.

Canopy Growth also grows another pharmaceutical-grade product called Mettrum “with its unique colour-based (sic) strength and dosage system, the Mettrum Spectrum.”

Canopy just bought Mettrum in 2017, according to the website.

Aphria (APH)

public cannabis grower: APH

Traded on TSX


As of May 2017, the Ontario-based company Aphria got permission from the Canadian government to triple its production space, adding a 57,000 square feet of grow space, according to a press release from the firm.

This means that instead of 2,600 kilos of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana per year, Aphria can produce 8,000 kilograms of marijuana annually.

Aphria also has a cost structure that may be attractive to some investors. Unlike many in the industry who use warehouses with electric grow lights, Aphria grows its product in greenhouses with mostly sunlight, scotching a ton of electricity costs.

Growblox Sciences (GBLX)

public marijuana growers : GBLX

Traded on OTCMKTS


Arizona-based GB Sciences, like cannabis sciences, is a research and development firm that’s attempting to patent pharmaceutical distillates for medical use.

In May of 2017, the company filed for a patent on a formulation that could potentially treat chronic pain and heart conditions. The drug is a proprietary chemical complex made to deliver myrcene, one of the lesser-known active chemicals in marijuana. 

“Pain management represents an estimated health burden of between $560 to $650 billion dollars for chronic pain and between $17 to  $20 billion dollars for immunological/neuropathic pain in the US alone,” GB Sciences press release states. “In addition, our novel heart disease formulations address the $316 billion dollar heart therapy market in the US.”

Terra Tech Corp. (TRTC)

public cannabis grower : TRTC

Traded on OTCMKTS


Terra Tech Corp is sort of a hybrid company, acting as an umbrella corporation for five different subsidiaries that touch nearly every part of the industry, from hydroponics technologies, to plant production, to processing extracts, to retail sales, according to the company’s website.

Blüm is their company that operates multiple retail dispensaries in Oakland, CA and throughout Nevada.

IVXX Inc. produces medical cannabis extracts and edibles, while the Edible Garden produces sustainable hydroponic non-weed produce sold at supermarkets throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

MediFarm LLC is the subsidiary that focuses specifically on marijuana cultivation and production, while and GrowOp Technology develops hydroponics equipment and technology.

The Terra Tech brought in $6.8 million in revenue during the first quarter of 2017, which is a 340 percent increase over Q1 in 2016. Profits for the first quarter were at 5 percent. Terra Tech continues to expand production and acquire other related businesses, according to their press releases.

Bookmark this page and check back for when we add new public cannabis growers to this list. With recent legislation showing a growing propensity for marijuana-friendly laws, there should be a massive influx of public cannabis growers in the mainstream!

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