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Let’s be honest: when most of us are in a pinch, we’ll be happy to toke on any good green, regardless of the strain. Naturally, having the right strain for the right occasion is always ideal. That’s the whole reason we started WoahStork in the first place; same goes for Releaf. Nonethless, it would be hard to say no to a joint at a concert just because it’s not your favorite strain.

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Unfortunately, true medical marijuana users don’t share this luxury of being satisfied with whatever is provided to them. They need to consume their cannabis in line with a strict medicinal regimen. They need to have the right product, with the right dosage, at the right time. Doing so is admittedly difficult. Taking into account the whole notion of personalized medicine and the variances in individual’s endocannabinoid system even further muddles the problem. Sure, once you find the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes, identify the most effective delivery method, and get your dosing managed, you just have to remember to take your medicine each day. It’s getting to that point that’s the problem.

Enter Releaf – a mobile application that helps medical cannabis users track and manage their cannabis treatment as they try to find their most effective treatment methods. By encouraging mindful tracking on a personal level and leveraging crowd sourced data, Releaf aims to empower medical cannabis users to discover what works best for them and their medical ailments.

With their technology, Releaf will allow for patients, doctors, and dispensaries to identify the best cannabinoid/terpene profiles (so long as that batch was tested by a lab) for their symptoms as well as track side effects result from varying dosages. Releaf makes it easy for patients to record their sessions in real time and creates a tight feedback loop for patients to discover what’s working for them.

An app like this is certainly necessary in the medical cannabis community and its impacts go beyond just the individual users. Consider that many dispensaries don’t know exactly what kind of cannabis to put on their shelves beyond market demand/sales. The same applies to growers. This doesn’t equate to prioritizing strains and products that emphasize medical value.

If you are tirelessly searching for the right strain for your medical ailments or your medication session leaves you forgetful of its efficacy, then Releaf might be your best bet to securing your path to treatment with cannabis! You can download their app at

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Nicco is the co-founder and CEO of WoahStork and Strain Genie-- two companies dedicated to bringing to life his passion of bringing personalized medicine to the cannabis industry. Nicco received his PhD from UCLA in cognitive neuroscience with a focus on machine learning applied to neuroimaging datasets. He previously received two B.As from NYU in Psychology and Philosophy.

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