Cannabis For Pets – A Suite of Products From True Leaf Pet

True Leaf Pet

One of the questions I get on a daily basis is “Can I use cannabis on my pet?”. Seeing as most pets are mammals with an endocannabinoid system, it’s certainly the case that cannabis can be used effectively on your pets. The most common ailments affecting pets are mobility, cancer, obesity, and anxiety – conditions that are particularly remedied with cannabis use. Thus, pets certainly stand to benefit from cannabis! The struggle, however, is with the delivery method (it’s quite difficult to get your cat to inhale a joint) and dosing.

True Leaf PetFortunately, True Leaf Pet, a Canadian company with an intent on returning the love that we receive from our pets, has it all figured out! True Leaf Pet took a look at those common pet ailments listed above and developed a line of edible products that combines hemp with innovative, scientifically proven ingredients that tackle them.

True Leaf’s True Hemp Chews come in three hemp varieties: a calming formula (with l-theanine and calming herbs), a health formula (with DHA and antioxidants), and a hip and joint formula (with green lipped mussel and turmeric root). True Leaf proudly proclaims that their products are all natural, grain free, non-gmo hemp, and no artificial colors or flavors.


With this line of products, True Leaf Pet enables pet owners to care for their pet naturally, supporting a long and healthy life. Their products provide true solutions for joint, calming and antioxidant support with our line of functional products for pets. If you want to explore using cannabis for your pet’s health, visit TrueLeaf and order their line of functional products for pets online at

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