Songs To Smoke To. WoahStork’s Dope Journey Playlist

songs to smoke to

Smoking cannabis is an experience like no other. The right high will take you to places you’ve never been before and leave you feeling like you’ve discovered the secrets of the Universe…well, sometimes at least. Here at WoahStork, we know that a lot goes into a killer smoke sesh, whether it be the setting, the mood or the company.

Adding music to a smoke session is like adding whipped cream to an ice cream Sunday: sometimes, it really just makes the whole experience.

So we’ve made a Spotify Playlist to help you transform your high to the next level. These are the best songs to smoke to. So, grab your friends, light one up, and get down with some good vibes.

This set of jams will take you on a luminescent journey, feeling like you’re floating through time and space.

Trust us, it’s that good.

When you’ve made your way through that one and undoubtedly need some more, we have a longer playlist of songs to smoke to.

Throw this on with some friends, and order from WoahStork for a curated night of all things cannabis.

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