The Best Strains for the Super Bowl

The Best Strains for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest times of the year to get together, whether you like football or not. From the entertaining commercials to the great bounty of food, Super Bowl parties have something for everyone to love. While Super Bowl parties classically revolve around alcohol, let us not forget about how enjoyable cannabis can be on Super Bowl Sunday! The event has the word bowl in it. The experts at WoahStork recommend sativa-dominant hybrids, as they will provide enough relaxation, yet also keep you uplifted, excited, and capable of socializing on the day of the big game! Below, you’ll find the best strains for the Super Bowl this weekend!

Sour Lemon OG Nug Photo1)Sour Lemon OG

Sour Lemon OG will entice you with its lemon and lime aromas. A cross between California Sour and Lemon OG, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid ready to elevate your mind and relax your body. Perfect for watching the pigskin getting hurled down the field, you will feel comfortable watching on the couch, but have enough mental excitement to have you jumping out of your chair for each touchdown. Sour Lemon OG makes the top of our list for the best strains for the Super Bowl or watching sports in general!


Blue Dream Nug Photo

2) Blue Dream

Blue Dream is perhaps one of the most popular hybrids, for great reasons. This strain is great for sharing with friends, as it can bring beginners and more seasoned smokers together. As a cross between Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream provides a perfect balance of body relaxation with a mental state of euphoria. Football has never been so fun to watch.


3) Bubbleberry

A cross between Blueberry and Bubble Gum, Bubbleberry has a pungent and skunky aroma with a sweet berry taste. Bubbleberry is highly resinous and is a sativa-dominant hybrid. This powerful strain will have you buzzed for the entire game and will accentuate your mood. This strain’s potency can bring out the social butterfly in you or potentially leave you couchlocked, so we recommend this strain for the more seasoned stoner.


4) Ice Queen

A cross between White Widow and Cinderella 99, Ice Queen will leave you feeling happy and uplifted. The buds are filled with an icy white coating of resin that is perfect for the winter season. The aroma of this plant is very flowery, instantly reminding you of lavender and roses along with a peppery undertone. Ice Queen will elevate your mood, which makes it perfect for enjoying the Super Bowl.




5) Jet Fuel

Not only does the aroma of Jet Fuel instantly remind you of that pungent diesel aroma, but it also will provide an uplifting jolt of energy perfect for being engaged in the big game. This sativa-dominant hybrid first will give you a pulse of energy and slowly ease into a nice body relaxation. An alternative name for this strain is G6, as you will be certainly flying high with the Stork.


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