4 Great Benefits Of CBD Dog Treats

cbd dog treats

Cannabidiol or CBD is no longer new. A wide variety of CBD-infused products are available in the market today as more and more people testify on how beneficial these products are to their health. CBD can bind with the receptors in the human body in order to provide health benefits, such as managing anxiety and alleviating chronic pain.

Studies have been published to prove the health benefits of CBD, but are you aware that this product can also do wonders for your dogs?  You can now buy CBD-infused products for dogs and let your furry friend experience the health benefits of CBD, which may include:

1.         Reduces Anxiety

Just like humans, your dog can also experience anxiety. They get anxious whenever you leave them alone in the house, when they are surrounded by new people, or when they find themselves in a new environment. Although anxiety is a typical behavior among dogs, leaving this untreated for a long period can encourage destructive and aggressive behaviors.

To ensure that your dog becomes a calm and sociable pet, add CBD treats, such as Holistapet vegan CBD treats, to their diet. CBD treats work by increasing the serotonin in your dog’s brain. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for your dog’s heart and lung functions, awareness of pain, and behavior. Normal levels of serotonin in the brain will help your dog ward off stress so it won’t trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression.

2.         Helps Fight Cancer

Cancer is considered as a silent killer among dogs because this condition doesn’t come with any visible symptoms. More often than not, the symptoms will start to show up the moment the cancer is already in its worst state.

Regularly giving CBD treats to your dog is a great way of keeping them safe against cancer. According to studies, CBD can stop or slow down the growth of cancer cells in your dog’s body by blocking their ability to produce energy. Additionally, CBD can also treat cancer as it can increase cancer cell death by enhancing your dog’s immune system functions.

cbd dog treats

3.         Relieves Pain

One of the biggest challenges of being a pet owner is determining if your dog is in pain. Sure, their behavior might start to change the moment they suffer from any kind of pain, but they can’t directly tell you the severity of the pain and in which part of their bodies they are experiencing such pain.

Avoid taking any chances and incorporate CBD treats to your dog’s diet. CBD has been known to treat pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties. By letting your dog eat CBD treats in moderation, neuropathy and nerve-related pain will be reduced. They will also experience lesser pain from the impact of inflammation on oxidative stress.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can also treat symptoms of arthritis in dogs. This skeletal disease can cause a lot of pain and discomfort to your dog, especially when they are walking, climbing the stairs, jumping, or playing. Leaving this problem untreated can create permanent damage to your dog’s cartilage, which can impair their mobility in the future.

Since arthritis is a condition that stems from the inflammation of the joints, CBD treats can effectively manage its symptoms and, eventually, help your dog move with ease again.

4.         Improves Appetite

Regardless of the breed and age, all dogs need proper nutrition in order to grow healthy. Your dog will be prone to illnesses and diseases if they are not getting the right amount and quality of food. How can their immune system fight off germs and bacteria if they are not getting any nutrition from their food?

Nutrition is vital in dogs, which is why you should be worried the moment you notice your dog stops eating. This is especially true if you didn’t change the food you give them or the schedule of their meals.

Whenever your dog loses their appetite, CBD treats can be helpful. This works because CBD binds with the receptors found in your dog’s hypothalamus. This is the part of their brain that controls their appetite, and by letting them eat CBD treats, their hypothalamus will send a message that they are hungry and will have to eat again.

Talk To Your Vet

Although countless studies have already been released to prove how beneficial CBD is to dogs, it’s always better if you consult your vet before letting your dog use the product. With the number of CBD-infused products available today, consulting your vet will make it easy for you to narrow down your options and end up buying a product that is most safe and most effective for your dog.

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