The Health Benefits of CBD For Cats

CBD for cats

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a by-product of hemp, or cannabis. To get things straight first, however, CBD is the component of marijuana that isn’t addictive and doesn’t get you high, as it is without THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD has been used for many purposes, both for humans and animals alike, because of the health effects that it is purported to have.

However, as an early word of caution, whatever it is that you feed your cat, particularly if you are fully decided on using CBD oil for your feline friend, make sure that what you are using is a safe CBD oil for cats. If you intend on using CBD for your cats, here are some of its benefits:

1. CBD oil can help control a cat’s aggression.

Marijuana is commonly known as a relaxant or a downer. Because CBD also comes from the same source, it also has a similar effect both for human beings and for animals. Therefore, if your cat has been showing signs of aggression, you can help manage this through CBD oil.

Especially if you have young children in your household who mingle with the cats, it is imperative for you to control any aggressive behaviors your cat has.

2. CBD oil also helps reduce the occurrence of seizures in cats.

CBD oil can be effective in reducing the occurrence of seizures for human beings. The same also holds true for cats. How does this work? The CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of a cat, which is instrumental in helping reduce and control seizures, as well as their harmful effects on the body. Working hand in hand with this is also a component in CBD that allows your cat to relax and stay calm better. Hence, instead of having a full-blown seizure that may sometimes be uncontrollable and fatal, you can help manage the severity of these seizures with CBD oil to keep your cat stable.

3. CBD oil can help assist in the killing of cancer cells in cats.

In human beings, there has yet to be any study or result that proves CBD oil can kill and destroy cancer cells. What it does at the most is alleviate the sensation of pain as a result of cancer. As with cats, however, the studies were quite impressive. Although there is still no study as to how CBD can help kill cancer cells, there has been a successful study performed in cats showing that CBD killed cancer cells.

cbd for cat cancer

This study was done at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts in 2011. The scientists performed the test in a sample dish, whereby they allowed CBD oil to interact with sample breast cancer cells. The results were positive, such that the CBD oil assisted in the killing and death of these cancer cells.

Apart from aiding in the death of cancer cells, CBD oil was also found to have reduced the metastasis of cancer cells in other parts of the body. Apart from this, CBD oil has aided as well in stopping the growth of tumors that are yet to be labeled as cancerous.

4. CBD oil can help in the management of stress and anxiety for felines.

Stress and anxiety are two of the common problems that are also addressed by CBD oil in humans. This is also true for cats. CBD oil helps in the management of stress and anxiety, such that it allows for the cats to relax a little bit and sleep better. This kind of treatment approach is applicable, especially for cats that have recently undergone a traumatic event, such as being rescued from a dangerous situation, for example. Stress and anxiety can result in a loss of appetite for animals, which, just like humans, can also be harmful to them.

5. CBD oil can help in the management of common feline diseases.

Cats have diseases that are considered as characteristic for them, and CBD oil has also been found to aid in the management of these diseases effectively.

Although these weren’t cured, as is the case with human beings, the intake of CBD oil has greatly helped in the management of the adverse effects brought about by these common diseases. Examples of these common feline diseases include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Diabetes
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Obesity


CBD oil has recently seen a rise in its demand because of its promising health benefits for your body. Whether you are looking to purchase one for yourself or your feline friends, this list of health benefits can give you an overview as to whether or not using it can really help your cat. Whenever you’re in doubt, however, always consult your family veterinarian first.

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