Jewish Rabbis Mention Cannabis In The Talmud

Jewish Rabbis mention cannabis in the talmud

Jewish stoners rejoice! There is a specific mention of cannabis in the Talmud — the definitive book of Jewish law concerning tradition, diet and other aspects of the faith. The Talmud explicitly states you’re allowed to plant weed among grapevines, presumably because both weed and wine are intoxicating. While a quick search of the Talmud on Wikipedia does not reveal any mention of cannabis, according to pot historian Ernest J. Abel, the holy text definitely contains the first unmistakable mention of marijuana in Jewish literature.

This reference to cannabis in the Talmud pairs Jews with marijuana at ~200AD (or CE–common era if you’re of the faith).

Scholars initially speculated ambiguous references to “sweet cane” in the Torah, or Old Testament, referred to cannabis. This would have dated the association of Jews with cannabis use to 1300BC, which would document it around a thousand years after it appeared in Ancient China (2700 BC) and about the same time it was used by the Scythians and revered in Ancient India. However, further research has revealed that “sweet cane” actually refers to sugarcane, at least according to current scholarly consensus.

That doesn’t mean ancient Jews hadn’t used marijuana before it’s recording in the Talmud. Yosef Glassman, a medical doctor and researcher of historical pot use by Jews, cites a 1,600-year-old archeological find in Israel. The grave of a 14-year-old girl was unearthed in Beit Shemesh, Israel. The girl had hashish in her stomach. Glassman theorized it was used as an anesthetic during childbirth.

Some orthodox Jews have even gone so far as to grow their own proprietary strain of cannabis, which they originally named “Jew Gold”. After going through the “politically correct wringer”,the strain is now widely known as Kosher Kush.

cannabis in the talmud -- Kosher Kush picture of cannabis strain

The strain’s popularity has expanded far past the tribe; it was a winner for Best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cups 2010 and 2011. WoahStork’s Strain Genie recommendation engine has placed Kosher Kush in its “Sleep” Activity Group.

Technically each batch of Kosher Kosh would need to be blessed by a Rabbi in order to be truly “Kosher”, but its the thought that count. Now that cannabis in the Talmud has cleared you for takeoff, see if you can order Kosher Kush online with WoahStork.

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