Medical Marijuana Labeling Requirements 101 [Infographic]

Medical Marijuana Labeling Requirements

Medical cannabis or medical marijuana is a plant-based medicine derived from the Cannabis plant. As with any effective medicine that could fall into the wrong hands, a need for medical marijuana labeling requirements has been set on a state-by-state basis. Such a need is a “first-world-problem”. It was not long ago that cannabis was seen as an illicit drug with no medical value. However, the reliable use of cannabis for medical purposes dates back to ancient times in China, with rapid uptake throughout Asia and Africa.

Today, cannabis is used for treating various conditions, from reducing chronic pain to treating mental health conditions, and even cancer. Patients eligible for medical cannabis treatment need to get a medical prescription from a licensed health-care professional. The prescription should state that the patient’s condition can or should be treated with medical cannabis. Nowadays, cannabis is used for medical purposes all over the world.

The first state to legalize cannabis for medical purposes in the US was California. They established a medical marijuana program in 1996, which triggered other US states to start their own medical cannabis initiatives. To this day, more than half of the US states have legalized cannabis for medical purposes. However, since not all of the states have followed this trend, there’s no federal law regarding medical cannabis production, labeling, packaging, and usage. Instead, medical cannabis producers and distributors need to adhere to state’s legal regulations.

The same goes for patients. Symptoms or conditions considered eligible for medical cannabis treatment also differ depending on the state.

When it comes to labeling, there are some common elements which need to be presented on medical cannabis labels regardless off the state. Some of these elements are: type of strain – Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, weight, and warning statement. The packaging needs to be convenient and aligned with state’s law, as well. This means that cannabusiness owners must ensure that their packaging is child-proof and tamper-proof.

Medical Marijuana Labeling Requirements Infographic

Check out the following infographic, courtesy of to learn more about the US states which have legalized cannabis for medical usage. Find out more about the state-specific medical marijuana labeling requirements including symbols and warning statements.

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