Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Is One Step Closer To Reality

pennsylvania mmj

(Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana) — The Pennsylvania state capitol finally passed Senate Bill 3 today (March 16, 2016) with 149 Yays and 43 Nays.

After hours of debate and weeks of advocates camping outside the state capitol, the measure finally has the opportunity to receive final senate approval. It is expected that the Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, who has a focus on funding schools and universities, will approve the bill.

The bill has been opposed for several years. However, advocacy by parents with children that stand to have their lives saved by medical marijuana seems to have made a serious impact on shifting the political winds this year. It would be naive not to assume that Colorado’s incredibly successful foray into recreational cannabis played a significant role in changing the minds of many house lawmakers.Constantly persevering to maintain a budget, it’s a rare opportunity that lawmakers are faced with the opportunity to capitalize on an entirely new industry with a dense built-in demand. We hope, though, that the ethical deliberations involved in denying a dying child access to what is quite possibly the most promising medicine in existence are what truly drove this monumental piece of legislation.

If accelerated, Pennsylvania would become the 23rd state to allow cannabis to be grown, processed, and dispensed within state lines. According to Mike Folmer, one of the Senate’s lead sponsors (a Republican, by the way), said that getting the bill on the governer’s desk is a top priority and they will move with haste to get the gears turning! Nonetheless, it will take at least two years before patients could actually acquire medical marijuana legally. The goal is that patients could secure 30-day supplies of marijuana in the form of pills, oils, topicals, and tinctures. It’s unclear if Pennsylvania would allow for medical marijuana to be dispersed in its flower form. For anyone unclear on these varying preparations of cannabis, check out our Visual Guide to Cannabis.

While some opposers state that it’s ludicrous that the house is passing a bill that is in stark opposition to federal law, other cite the case that the US Government owns a patent on cannabinoids as antioxidants.

Congratulations Pennsylvania! We’re proud of the advocates who camped out to fight for their right to have access to something that should have never been banned in the first place! Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana is finally in the works!

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