12 Astonishing Confessions from Ashamed Marijuana Users

cannabis secrets

The cannabis community has been growing and growing strong! While many people used to consider weed to be an illicit drug, more and more are starting to wake up to the truth. With apps like WoahStork taking the US by storm, it’s obvious that a new horizon for marijuana is upon is.

Unfortunately, while the majority of Americans now recognize that cannabis is medicine, people are still afraid of the negative stigma associated with cannabis, creating ashamed marijuana users. This is clear after scrolling through the app Whisper.

For those of you who do not know, Whisper is an app where users can anonymously post pictures with text over the image. With over 30 million active users, the app has been a great way for people to speak their mind without worrying about others opinions.

One might expect that Whisper would be dominated with countless stoner kids posting hilarious memes. In reality, many are either ashamed that they smoke or frustrated that it is federally illegal.

Let’s see what people are anonymously saying about cannabis!

A Stoner’s Morning Secret

My Little Secret

This user enjoys the sunrise every morning, but is too ashamed to share with friends.

Only If Parents Knew

Family Struggles

Smoke Weed Every Day

Weed Stigma

For some, there is nothing wrong with smoking weed every day.

Improve Your Sex Life

Improved Sex Life

In fact, it will also help with your sex life.

Nice Try, Dude

Taco Bell Game

Feel free to hit this guy up if your idea of a romantic time is hitting up a Taco Bell.

Weed Can Improve Your Life

Better Mother

This parent feels that cannabis makes her a more loving mother. Hopefully her kids learn how to spell in school, though.

Not All Smokers Are Addicts

Cannabis and Addiction

More are still afraid to smoke because of the negative stigma.

Cannabis Helps With ADHD

ADHD Medicine

Who needs pharmaceuticals when you have weed?

Marijuana and Mental Illness

Marijuana and Mental Illness

Others find marijuana to help with various mental conditions, such as depression and mood disorders.

Pharmaceuticals vs Cannabis

Prescription Meds

Isn’t medicine supposed to save lives, not kill?

Veterans Also Approve of MMJ

Veterans like cannabis

While corporations profit over war and the VA is “too busy” to help, many soldiers with PTSD resort to medical marijuana for relief.

Are We Criminals?


Fortunately, more and more states are starting to decriminalize cannabis.