5 Best Hemp Cigarettes You Must Try This Christmas

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The holiday is coming, and everyone is looking for ways to enjoy themselves. Besides going on a vacation, you can indulge in your favorite pastime and have a bit of luxury. While some people enjoy partying and hanging out with friends, others are curious to try new things.

An excellent idea for this coming holiday would be to try hemp cigarettes. These are cigarettes serving as alternatives for popular nicotine cigarettes. They consist of hemp with no nicotine and are excellent for people trying to quit smoking nicotine cigarettes.

Make sure you use Strain Genie’s CBD Dosage Calculator. You’d be surprised how much CBD you actually need to feel an effect. You’ll soon learn that hemp cigarettes are some of the best ways to get a high dose of CBD.

If you feel adventurous enough, this may be when you discover the different hemp cigarettes available in the market. Fortunately, many varieties mean that you will have a lot of options to explore. The important thing is to ensure you go for top-grade quality hemp cigarettes. Some of the best hemp strains to go for include those in the list below.

1.  The Straight Pre-Rolls

The Straight Pre-rolls are a common hemp strain. They are among the best high-quality hemp cigarettes sold today. This cigarette is popularly called the Pure American Hemp and is ideal for everyday use. Smokers may choose this instead of tobacco cigarettes because it is nicotine-free and negatively affects the lungs. Users will enjoy it more, knowing that they are using 100% organic hemp from US farms. These products are carefully grown on US farms under the state’s careful guidance.

Users suffering from nicotine addiction should switch to these straight pre-rolls to combat the addiction menace. According to regulations, the THC levels are also well measured and not harmful for everyday use. It also comes with a variant that works for people who love minty smoke or are susceptible to coughing. At an affordable rate, a smoker can enjoy a nicotine-free cigarette packed with enough good stuff to relieve their smoking urge whenever they need it.

2.  The Bubble Gum

The Bubble Gum is yet another popular indica weed strain that will make your socialization over the holidays more comfortable for those around you. You do not have to put non-smokers through the agony of withstanding the smoky smell of nicotine cigarettes when they do not care about smoking in the first place. Furthermore, this is the perfect hemp cigarette for anyone who needs a boost to interact with people. The cigarette comes packed with an energy boost and the right amount of high, making users confident enough to socialize even when they are shy.

The popular hybrid has been around for ages since the 1970s and can easily be found in most US coffee shops. It is not surprising that bubble gum is an award-winning hemp cigarette. It starts as a soother before getting stronger. Considering how busy and fun the holidays are, you may need to get a few sticks to lighten up the mood and make everyone feel at home.

What’s more, the creamy taste and pleasant flavors make it appealing for most users. It is also a fantastic medical choice for patients with anxiety, chronic pain, and terminal illnesses. This makes it an excellent remedy for patients with migraines, constant headaches, muscle spasms, and back pains.

3.  Blue Hawaiian

Blue Hawaiian is yet another excellent hemp cigarette for your holiday fun. The cigarette has a way of ushering in the Christmas spirit. It smells like a fresh Christmas morning with a subtle hint of pine from the trees. More importantly, this is a cigarette that can make your hard-to-handle family members seem more tolerable.

The hybrid cigarette is a combination of the blueberry Sativa and Hawaiian Sativa, hence its unique name. A typical mix takes 50-50 percent, but different variants may have different combinations, with one Sativa being higher than the other depending on what one prefers. You would want to be careful while using this strain because its effects may not appear immediately. Avoid the temptation of smoking too much because you may feel too relaxed and happy to do anything more when the effects finally start kicking in. No one wants all the fun to pass them by, especially not during Christmas.

4.  Filtered Pre-roll

If you are looking for something from the local Oregon farmers, you should try the filtered pre-roll strain. They are a product of small family farms spread all over Oregon. The product’s quality is assured due to the series of tests previously carried out on them. After all, it is one of the oldest hemp cigarettes on the market. It abides by the American FDA regulations. You can choose to go for the Lemon Haze or Clove flavors if you want to have alternative tastes.

5.  Fire OG

With a THC level of up to 24%, the indica dominant cigarette is great for free-spirited individuals. Users describe it as having an authentic and exceptional taste. The effects also stand out, probably because it is a super hybrid. It is made by crossing the San Fernando Valley OG Kush with the OG Kush.

When tired and desperate for a quick relaxation fix after a long day of partying and straining yourself, the Fire OG is an ideal option. Including it in your festive collection is an excellent move because it will come in handy on the days when you are too tired. Furthermore, using it guarantees you several hours of high. This is useful when you need a few hours of uninterrupted sleep after a busy day.

Its pleasantness comes from the look, but its piney and spicy flavors make it a great option. Most medics prescribe it for patients with chronic illnesses and those suffering from depression and insomnia because of how potent it is.

Final Thoughts

Using hemp cigarettes is an excellent substitute for nicotine cigarettes. In addition to minimizing the discomfort nicotine cigarettes have on other people around users, the hemp cigarettes also come in various strains. Knowing which strain to use is essential. Most people choose cigarette strains based on their preferences. However, its intended use may also determine which strain you go for, especially during the festive season.

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