5 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping

vaping facts for teens

Many authorities and individuals like to bash on vaping for various reasons. Some do it simply because they are against all new things. Others do it because they are long-time smokers and don’t want to make a change. Some do it because they want to market other tobacco options.

On the other hand, some people praise vaping at all costs and neglect facts. In this vast sea of conflicting information, it can be challenging to figure out what’s factual and not. That’s why there are so many misconceptions about vaping.

You would think that vaping is out in the open away from the cloud of mystery. Sadly that’s still not the case. Here are some facts about vaping that you should know.

Vaping is NOT as Harmful as Cigarettes

vaping not as harmful as cigarettes

Many smokers don’t want to switch to vaping because they think the damage is the same. On the other hand, many people in the US think this because some large stores stopped selling vaping products.

At the same time, these stores continued selling cigarettes. It’s all about marketing and profits. Although there is still research to be done, many studies show that vapor is far less toxic than cigarette smoke.

Electronic cigarettes may have some harmful effects, but they are in no way near to those of cigarettes. Cigarette smoke exposes smokers to thousands of dangerous chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide. When you visit a store like www.gosmokefree.co.uk, you get to know more about why vaping is better than smoking and that’s why many people choose e-cigarettes.

Vapes DO NOT Have the Same Amount of Nicotine as Cigarettes

Yes, various e-liquids come with nicotine, but nicotine is not the main issue with cigarettes. In fact, all of the other chemicals we mentioned earlier are far more dangerous than nicotine. Vapes don’t have all of these chemicals, nor do they cause combustion during use.

At the same time, vapes come with many different levels of nicotine. There are also a lot of e-liquids that have no nicotine at all. So if you enjoy smoking but would like to avoid nicotine, you can do it easily by vaping.

Vaping Is NOT Just a Replacement for Smoking

vaping facts: man holding eliquid bottle

There’s a big debate about this one. Many people claim that vaping is just a replacement for smoking. However, there is evidence that this isn’t quite true. A trial in Britain showed that 18% of people who switched to vaping quit smoking after a year.

The important thing is that you can get a vape without nicotine, which means that people can slowly drop the habit of taking nicotine. At the same time, since vaping does not involve combustion, it is less harmful on their own, even with nicotine.

People who are very addicted to smoking can vape to satisfy their craving with fewer adverse effects. There is still research to be done on this topic. However, there are encouraging studies that show vaping as a positive factor in helping people quit smoking.

You CAN Trust the Vape Industry!

When e-cigarettes first came out, they weren’t regulated, but this myth has spread widely, and it’s still strong today. At first, it was difficult to regulate e-cigarettes as they are very different from traditional tobacco. But today most governments regulate vapes in some way.

Still, there is a myth going around that these products can’t be trusted and that they are made at some shack in the desert. All of the products sold in the US are FDA approved, and you can even check with the seller.

Many people think that there are no rules, guidelines, or standards of manufacturing vaping products. It might have been correct initially, but now you can check the contents quickly and see which institutions have certified products. 

Teens are NOT Getting Hooked on Vaping

vaping facts that teens are not getting addicted

The US has the lowest rate of new smokers ever. Only 20% of kids in high school vape once in a month. However, half of those users use CBD or other cannabis products that are entirely legal and don’t have nicotine. And CBD will not get you high

Even though these numbers are concerning, there isn’t a widespread crisis as it’s portrayed in the media. There’s no reason to tolerate this. Sure, no teens should be smoking or vaping anything, but there’s no real crisis to speak off.

It’s another myth that is being portrayed in the media to smear the vaping industry.

Bottom Line

No, vaping nicotine-based e-liquids isn’t good for your health. However, it does come with many advantages over cigarettes. It’s an excellent option to try out and obliterate nicotine from your smoking ritual. Simultaneously, e-cigarette technology is continuously improving, and vapes are getting better and safer each year.

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