How Can Athletes Use Kratom In Sports? What Are The Benefits?

kratom for athletes

Being an athlete requires a lot of effort and dedication. The tireless efforts and endless perseverance drive them to achieve their goals. Pain is nothing new to athletes who go through intense training and workout every day. They usually come home to sore muscles, pain, inflammation from injuries, and all this could cost them their sleep. It is one of the significant reasons why painkillers have become a permanent part of their life. They also turn to performance-enhancing ingredients that can keep their endurance and stamina soaring high to reach their goals. But opioid-based pain killers, which is the most common kind used by athletes, come with a risk of addiction. They can also have severe side effects after long term use, which can affect the health and performance of athletes. These factors led to popularizing Kratom as an effective and safe medication for aiding athletes.

Kratom – Getting to know the plant

Kratom is a new ingredient in the west that is turning heads with its ecstatic potential. The powder is slowly gaining popularity as a remedy for various physical ailments in these regions. Although the plant is significantly new to the west, it is a well-known herb in the South Asian region. People from the local areas chewed the leaves of the plant to achieve a slight high feeling and energy boost that enabled them to work for long hours on the field. The substance became useful as a remedy for ailments such as pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, and turned out to become a common household ingredient. The leaves of the tropical plant go through drying and powdering for usage in households. The 35 alkaloids present in the Kratom plant are responsible for the various health benefits possible from usage. Each strain, such as green Malay kratom, has varying levels of these alkaloids that influence the benefits possible from them. 

kratom for athletes

 The substance eventually spread to regions of Malaysia to aid in the withdrawal from substance abuse. The interaction of kratom with our body is the reason behind its effectiveness towards curbing substance abuse. Kratom interacts with the body at the same sites as that of opioid drugs. It substitutes for these drugs at the interaction site and helps slowly reduce the body`s dependency on them. This type of interaction can be beneficial for athletes to use Kratom not only for energy-boosting properties but also for eliminating opioid usage.

How can Kratom Benefit Athletes?

  1. It can help in coping with pain: The intense workout and training sessions tend to leave athletes in a lot of pain. Inflammation becomes a part of their everyday life, and it is impossible to rely on painkillers regularly to cope with the same. Kratom has powerful pain relief properties that can aid athletes during injuries or other chronic pain conditions. The use of kratom helps deal with pain in the muscle, joints that enable users to relax. The substance alters the perception of pain in users and is hence useful for bodybuilders, powerlifters, weightlifters who often go through intense pain. It causes a light body high that compliments the pain-relieving property of the substance to put users at ease.
  1. It can speed up healing: Sports injuries are painful and tend to take a lot of time to heal. Injuries such as in the case of muscle, tendon, or ligament could take months to heal completely. Swelling and pain could affect their practice sessions and performance. The use of Kratom for its anti-inflammatory properties can help benefit athletes suffering from injuries and joint inflammation. It acts upon the Cytokine release in the body to reduce redness and swelling in the areas of injury and also speed up the healing process. The substance is safer and more effective than opioid drugs.
kratom for athletes
  1. It can be an effective stimulant: The energy-boosting property of the substance has always been a pleasing property for its users. Kratom, in small doses, strikes a mild body high that has a stimulating effect on the user. These effects can be beneficial to curb fatigue and boost focus to improve performance as well as extend beyond the limits while training. The substance can improve endurance in the case of athletes that can help them deliver better performance. It can help weightlifters lift more weights and the duration of training.
  1. It can have sedating effects: When consumed in higher doses, Kratom has sedative effects as it relaxes the body and mind. Athletes require the suggested amount of rest and sleep to face the challenges of the following day. Lack of rest or poor sleeping patterns can affect their performance considerably. Kratom helps ease athletes into a good night’s sleep. The substance also has muscle relaxing properties that help athletes feel relaxed and comfortable to rest thoroughly.
  1. It can enhance the health of your immune system: A healthy immune system is an indication of a healthy body that is prepared to benefit from the physical training athletes go through. Kratom is a natural substance that helps improve your immune system. It ensures you do not fall prey to common ailments such as cough, cold, or flu.
  1. It can act as an effective antidepressant: Kratom is becoming increasingly common to aid in treating mental ailments such as depression, anxiety, and seasonal affective disorders. Athletes suffering from such conditions could show poor performance over time as these conditions tend to take a toll on their physical health. The use of Kratom can help cope with these conditions as it induces a sense of euphoria and optimism in individuals. They tend to feel less tense under the performance pressure and focus better on their work.
kratom can help relieve opoid dependency
  1. It can relieve opioid dependency: With regular use of painkillers, the risk of athletes falling prey to opioid addiction is higher. The use of Kratom can effectively deliver similar benefits as that of these drugs, such as pain relief. The substance can also substitute at the sites of interaction of the drugs to curb down opioid dependency in athletes.

The best way to use Kratom for Athletes

Kratom is a beneficial substance for athletes to improve their performance. Hence it makes up for an ideal pre-workout supplement that will have energy-boosting properties in the user. Taking a small dose of Kratom between 1 – 3 gms before you work out can have stimulating effects that can help athletes deliver a competent performance. You can add the dosage into your pre-workout shake to cherish the benefits of the plant while blending in fabulous flavors. A slightly higher dosage of kratom might help you relax after your workout and enjoy a peaceful sleep at night.

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