10 Athletes Who Smoke Weed: The Best of The Best

athletes who smoke weed

Athletes who smoke weed?! Talk about breaking the stoner stereotype! The public always reveres athletes for their incredible talent, work ethic, and stand-up behavior as role models for America (despite more than a few bad apples recently). The general public has always held the belief that cannabis users are lazy, slow-thinking, partiers who should never be looked up to.

Yet, sometimes these two paths cross.

There are a large number of professional athletes who smoke weed– not just for medicinal purposes, but for recreation as well. And, somehow they still manage to make it to practice and win medals and be lauded as American heroes. So, what say you now, general public?

Unfortunately, not every strain of marijuana would be appropriate for athletes or anyone looking to be active. At WoahStork, we help you find the right strain of cannabis for any occassion. Thinking of upping your game? There’s a strain for that. Partying after? We’ve got you covered there as well. Finally ready to sleep? You know it. Regardless, it’s a smarter choice than alcohol.

Let’s see which famous athletes have found the right strain to help them game up, cool down, releive pain, or just relax.

10 Athletes Who Smoke Weed

10. Ricky Williams

athletes who smoke weed Ricky Williams

Former all-star running back Ricky Williams gets down. He wasn’t just busted for pot once, or twice, or even three times…No, dude was busted a total of four times for having THC in his system. His response? None, really. Dude just likes to have a good time. With dreads like Ricky’s you gotta think that he smokes a little dank every now and then. Ricky is so much more than one of the best athletes who smoke marijuana, now. He’s even starting a marijuana focused gym in San Francisco!


9. Josh Howard

athletes who smoke weed Josh Howard

The Dallas Mavericks forward has had an interesting career. He’s been considered a star and a bust on the same day multiple times. But, if nothing else, the guy is honest. During an interview on ESPN’s The Michael Irving Show, admitted that he was a big fan of offseason marijuana use to heal up for the next season. None were too pleased – but then again, no one really cared all that much. In the end, Mark Cuban still wanted Howard to grace the court, so that’s good.


8. Michael Phelps

athletes who smoke weed Michael Phelps

The revelation that swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was a pothead came as a, well…big surprise. The golden boy suffered a bit of a public image debacle when he was photographed smoking from a bong at a party. A quick apology and a bowed-head press conference fixed the whole thing and now he’s back in good graces again. Atta’ boy, Phelps.


7. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

athletes who smoke weed Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a boss. The sky-high legendary Los Angeles Lakers player has been a proud marijuana user for decades, informing the public that it is the only thing that treats his nausea-inducing migraines. Sure, he was busted for driving under the influence once – but he’s on the righteous path these days. Good looking out, Kareem.


6. Randy Moss

athletes who smoke weed Randy Moss


The troubled, but extremely talented, former wide receiver has been part of the “Athletes Who Smoke Marijuana” tribe for a while. So when he admitted to smoking “occasionally” during an interview with Bryant Gumble on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, there wasn’t too much of a hoopla made. Oh well, thanks for playing.


5. Marshawn Lynch

athletes who smoke weed Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch is a surprisingly fun dude. Although he often sounds like he’s constantly stoned (note: low, monotone voice), the retired Seattle Seahawks running back is often seen on shows like Conan and the like having a good ol’ time. Same case when he was busted for marijuana in 2009 – dude was just trying to have a little fun. It’s alright Marshawn, we’ll chill with you.


4. Allen Iverson

athletes who smoke weed Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson, once considered the most-talented player in the NBA while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers, need not worry about being busted for marijuana. He’s too busy being caught for everything else. Iverson was caught with a few joints back in his playing days – not a big deal – but the real issue was the handgun in his possession. Should have just stuck to the weed, AI.


3. Carmelo Anthony

athletes who smoke weed Carmello Anthony

New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony is one of the few athletes on this list who has never really owned up to his cannabis hobby, despite being publicly cited for the drug more than once. After being caught boarding a plane with marijuana, Melo said he was just “holding it for a friend.” Sure, bro, we’ve all held bud for a bud – just own up to it already.


2. Santonio Holmes

athletes who smoke weed Santonio Holmes

New York Jets wider receiver Santonio Holmes is no stranger to weed – and he’s got a charge to prove it. After Holmes missed a season opener in 2008, marijuana was found in his car during a traffic stop. No one really made a big deal about it – the truth is, they were much more concerned about his bad attitude and god-awful work ethic. Get your head in the game, Santonio.


1. Tim Lincecum

athletes who smoke weed Tim Lincecum

If you Google San Francisco Giants pitcher “Tim Lincecum”, the first suggestion that comes up is “Tim Lincecum weed”. Though it may not come as a shock that a dude who looks more like Pink from Dazed and Confused than any the player in the MLB is 420-friendly, his admission was nevertheless treated with outrage. Luckily, everyone seems to have chilled out. Keep rockin’ that cut, Tim.

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