Best Vapes of 2019: How to Choose Best Vape Pen

best vapes of 2019

Before we talk about how to find the best vape, you should know about 3 basic vaping styles. They are –

Standard Vaping – This entails the use of a basic e-cig with an atomizer resistance of 1 ohm or more. Some call this style mouth to lung or MTL. This essentially uses traditional tobacco. You draw the vapors in your mouth and inhale.

Sub-ohming – This involves the use of e-cigs with an atomizer resistance of less than 1.0 ohms. This style is direct to lung or DL. It is what it sounds like. You essentially draw the vapors into the lungs. This one is slightly different from other kinds of vaping.

Dry-herb Vaping – This is about extracting the active ingredients present in herbs, tobacco and other botanicals via vaporization. The vaping device would heat the herb but it won’t burn it.

Don’t forget about direct-to-lung vs. mouth-to-lung vaping.

All-things Sub-ohming: 3 Important Facts About This Vaping Style

Ease of use – Mods for sub-ohming are generally quite sophisticated. You can adjust them for up to 200 watts and even beyond. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a fried coil and vapes that taste burnt. These mods come with a variety of buttons and a screen displaying current settings.

Tube style Morpheus and Mig Vapor Box are common/famous mods people use for sub-ohming. Both produce an output of 100 watts without the need to adjust anything. They both operate in automated mode. If you want something smaller and more portable, you can go with Mig Vapor Minion. The choices are practically endless.

Quality of Vapes – One of the winning highlights of this vaping style is the quality of vapes you get to enjoy. Therefore, make sure to get a quality device. Look for 3 important things which are the battery quality, manufacturing material used, and the processor technology. The device should offer at least a year’s warranty.

Cost – A poorly made device that puts pressure on the coil needs frequent coil replacement which translates to more money in the long run. On top of that, you will be buying juices too. That’s why look for a device that saves money in the long run. Go only for trusted brands. Make sure it hits a sweet spot in terms of cost-saving and quality.

best vapes of 2019

Dry Herb Vaping

This is a whole new story in the world of vaping. Here, you are not using any e-liquids. You simply vaporize dry herbs and other botanicals. If this is your choice of vaping, you get a multitude of choices to pick from.

If your intent behind dry herb vaping is to use just at home, then a desktop vaporizer will be the best bet.

Portable vaping with Vape Pens

Portable vaporizers typically have large battery capacity, a heating chamber that can contain up to 0.5 grams of material, and the option to adjust the temperature.

Dab pens or vape pens are smaller than other vaporizers. They are tiny, stealthy, and portable in size. Though they have small battery capacity, a vape pen is great if you want something discreet and easy to travel with.

When picking a vape pen, look for these three important things –


While some enjoy the discreet look a tiny pen, others don’t mind buying a slightly bulky one. It all depends on your personal preferences. Shop with the right size in your mind and make sure it meets your personalized needs. Know that the smaller sized vape pens are ideal for waxes and oils while the bigger ones are best for using buds.

Battery Life

The second thing to look for is obviously – battery life. If you vape frequently obviously don’t settle for a pen with a small battery size. Know that the temperature at which you typically vape should also be factored in while looking through battery sizes. Battery drains faster when you vape at higher temperatures. Go for a good battery life if you vape frequently and at higher temperatures.

Think about what you will be vaping – oil cartridge, dry herbs, or wax?

You get a variety of vape pens depending on what kind of vaping stuff they can handle. Some pens will handle dry herbs where the material heats up and turns into vapors which you then inhale. Although it’s one form of smoking, it doesn’t give you access to the complete profile of ingredients. Some vape pens are particularly used for concentrates and waxes. Typically these will have coils that deliver the purest vapors ever which are more enjoyable. Lastly, if you use oil go with vape pens that come with the cartridge loaded with oils. Know that cartridge-based pens need regular replacing of the cartridge when it gets empty.

best vapes 2019

Best Vape Pens in 2019

To make things easier for you, we researched and put together a list of 5 best quality vape pens to shop around for 2019. Here they are –

  1. Grasshopper Titanium Stealth Dry Herb Vape Pen

Meant for complete discretion, you can slide this baby in your pocket for easy portability. Loaded with a ton of features – this US-made product from Big Daddy Smoke is exceptionally strong and offers everything a quality vape pen should and then some.

This vape pen features dual-style coiling for maximum vapes. A portable dry herb pen, this offering from Yocan boasts of 650 mAH battery for a long-lasting vape session that comes with a promise of big, milky smoke clouds.

Running on a powerful 1200mAh battery, this pen vapes dry herbs evenly. Enjoy rich vapors with an easily accessible mouthpiece. The pen is chargeable with a micro-USB.

This pen runs on a 3000mAH battery that produces 100-watt output. This minimal size with 3ML tank capacity coupled with a stainless steel body might appeal to you. If you are big on sub-ohming, look no further than Morpheus vape pens.

Running on a powerful 1500 mAH battery, this pen comes with 2.0 ml liquid capacity. It features a leak-resistant design with an easy top-fill option. Go with this one if you are big on durability and easy use.

Hopefully, this post will help you find the best vape pen and also get quality education about vaping in general.

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