5 steps guide to buying a vape pen in 2020

2020 vape pen buying guide

A vape pen might sound like a smooth sail through the world of Cannabis, but choosing one for yourself can be highly confusing. Vape pens come in different shapes, distinct mechanisms, and engage various types of ingredients (oil, dry herb, concentrates.) With the increasing popularity of Marijuana, portable vaping options have surged on the back of people’s urge to vape on the fly (and sly!) Whether you are a pro vapor or a beginner, getting a vaping device that meets your requirements is extremely crucial. In this article, we guide you on buying safe and effective CBD vape pens with the help of the following five steps:

1.  Know the basics of vaping before getting your pen:

A vape or vaporizer pen is a tiny, pocket-sized device that closely resembles e-cigarettes. These nifty devices are used to inhale the vapor of a variety of Marijuana products either in solid (dry herb, waxes) or liquid forms. Unlike stationary vaporizers, vape pens let the consumers enjoy their favorite Cannabis substances discreetly without burning a hole in the pocket. 

The ‘E-liquid’ or herb extract is heated in this device or pen, and this heat is powered by a rechargeable battery. The user has to activate the atomizer and heat the ingredient/ liquid so that the device can generate vapor. You need to slowly inhale this vapor into your lungs and let out the clouds later. While there are many pens on the market to burn vape oil or dry herb, a dab pen provides the best results when it comes to consuming THC concentrates.

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2.  Selecting the vaping ingredient:

2020 vape buying guide | which ingredients are best

Most of the vaping devices can employ either dry Marijuana or liquid forms as ingredients. There are expensive varieties of vape pens that can utilize both. If you want something raw or are an experienced Cannabis consumer, you may go with dry herb vaporizers. Liquid profiles of Cannabis often come with a subdued effect and are better for newbies or people who want to go slow. However, with oils, you will have the option to choose from a number of flavors. Sometimes, the vape oils carry other unnecessary ingredients, so you need to be careful about that. THC concentrates like waxes are also pretty simple, raw, and unflavored, aimed at mature users.

Since the aroma of the ingredient can make others aware of your vaping, you should choose the ingredients with subtle vapor if you are vaping in a busy place. There are juices that provide you the flavor of popular fruits. To buy high-quality juices make sure you scroll down the entire range available on the daily marijuana website today.

3.  Choose the right device:

If you have settled on the kind of stuff you want to vape, the quality of your experience rests with the device you get your hands on. To save your time, here are some tried and tested types of vaporizers for enjoying your fav juice:

  • Flower Vapes: Flower vapes give you an economical way to vape fresh and dry herbs. Beginners may also try a Flower vape because it is very easy to load and use. Remember to keep a part of the chamber empty of herbs to get optimal vaping experience. 
  • Cartridge Pens: If you don’t like the process of filling and attaching liquid chambers to vaporizers, readymade concentrate cartridges with pre-filled liquid should be the way to go. Cartridge pens are more affordable, easy to use, and can be a favorite of people who don’t want to go too much into technicalities. You don’t need to press any buttons, and it will just work once you draw vapor from the vaporizer.
  • Concentrate vapes: These sort of vape pens are a bit difficult to use initially, but are worth the effort if you want to enjoy the pure herbal concentrate. While Flower vapes require you to have ground herb, Concentrate vapes just need a tiny amount of wax to get going. Concentrate vapes have the option to load both liquid and flower. 

4.  Gather the necessary parts of your pen:

2020 vape pen buying guide | man holding mod vape

You can be left high and dry, quite literally, if your device malfunctions in the middle of a cherishable vaping session. Coils and batteries are the essential parts that you need to keep in excess with you so that you can replace them on the move. Coils are the heating elements that wear out after some time. An overused coil can make your vapor taste bitter. The average period for changing the coil is around seven days.

All vapes, especially the cheaper ones, do not come with replaceable batteries. But in case yours does, keep those extra batteries with you safely to avoid mishaps. When storing extra juice with you, make sure that you consume them before their expiry dates. 

5.  Read the fine print of the product and gauge the effect of vaping on yourself before obtaining your fancied pen:

The act of vaping itself is seen as a positive move by many people, with reports suggesting it to be 95% safer compared to tobacco smoking. Vapes may or may not contain nicotine, and there is no smoke involved. However, since the authorities are still incorporating new regulations and standards regarding Marijuana products, you should examine the ingredients added in the vape juice. Sometimes, manufacturers add preservatives or flavors that can harm your health. Always make sure your juice or concentrates do not contain tobacco and menthol extracts as these may react when used with Marijuana. If you are buying the cannabis vape pen for discrete usage, it is better to obtain a juice with high PG levels as it would make little vapor. 

Final thoughts:

2020 vape pen buying guide | girl smoking a vape

Vaping is a popular and satisfactory way to enjoy your favorite Marijuana flavors. It is also a great way to lure yourself away from tobacco smoking. Make sure you comply with the age limits for vaping, have no intolerance for vapes, and possess good cardiovascular health before you grab your pen. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid vaping unless advised otherwise by medical experts. With all this checked, you can rest assured that vape pens will please you a lot more than conventional smoking stuff.

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