6 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds

The world and science have advanced in regards to health and wellness, but we are still inadvertently drawn to natural solutions for our problems. One such panacea, though less known, is in cannabis seeds. Cannabis and Hemp seeds form part of the sativa plant and are different in the levels of THC in cannabis. This means that, when in seed form, one does not get high eating cannabis, totally capitalizing on the health benefits of cannabis seeds.

6 Health Benefits Of Cannabis Seeds

1) Natural, Digestion-friendly Protein

cannabis seeds for protein

Probably the first choice of every nutritionist, hemp seeds are plant-based proteins that are healthier and easier for the body to digest than animal-based proteins. A recent experiment at the Massachusetts General Hospital observed the health records of more than 130,000 people over a thirty year period and found that individuals who did not consume animal protein had substantially lower death rates than meat-eaters and that for every 3% increase in plant protein calorie intake, the risk of death was reduced by 10%. Marijuana seeds are one of the best sources for natural, plant-based protein; farmers all over the world used to use nothing but cannabis seed mash to nourish their livestock. Now that cannabis is gaining legal status, for instance, Miami marijuana, it is also used as bodybuilding hemp seed protein powder and is preferred by most world-class fighters who resort to it in the morning, a dose of hemp, before hitting the gym.

2) Facilitates Weight Loss

cannabis seeds for weight loss
Potent cannabis seed-based diets have been used to help people both gain and lose weight. For those suffering from obesity and looking to shed some pounds, marijuana seeds are an effective way to stay healthy and full throughout the day as they are full of vitamins like Vitamin E, minerals including potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc. On the contrary, to gain weight incorporate cannabis-infused edibles to your diet. Check out the guide to weed brownies and prepare one for yourself. Thus, a respite for the lanky ones and, peculiarly, due to these same exact nutritional characteristics.

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3) Quintessential Omega Fatty Acid

cannabis seeds for omega fatty acids

Omega fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 are a vital component of organ health and whole-body wellness. But human beings do not naturally produce and we have to obligatorily consume them from outside sources. However, sources have deduced that hemp seeds are having the most abundant source of natural Omega acids in the entire plant kingdom which is much more than Chia seeds and more than walnuts and flax seed.

4) For a Healthy and Sturdy Heart

cannabis seeds for heart health
Cannabis seeds are for sale in several dispensaries. Consumption of marijuana seeds is good for your heart because diets high in Omega acids have been shown to reduce blood pressure. They also lower the risk of stroke-inducing blood clot formation and increase overall cardiovascular function.

Given that cannabis seeds are rich in arginine which produces nitric oxide, which is known to cause blood vessels to relax and dilate, they can subsequently lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack, as well as other forms of cardiovascular disease. Also, they can help the heart to recover from a heart attack. The gamma-linoleic acid that is found abundantly in marijuana seeds is known to reduce certain proteins that can result in inflammation – particularly inflammation of the heart and surrounding cardiovascular tissue.

5) Body Wellness and Overall Health

cannabis seeds for wellness
All of the health benefits of cannabis makes its consumption mandatory on regular basis. It can be an important way to prevent various illnesses and promote wholesome health and body wellness. Their cardiovascular benefits have been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other psychological conditions render the cannabis seeds potent enough to promote mental health and well-being of those succumbing to 21st-century pressures.

These seeds, offered across various marijuana dispensaries, are also the only plant-based food sources that contain every single amino acid that is essential for human survival. Thus are termed as “nutritionally complete food source in the world.”

6) Diminishes Symptoms of Menopause

cannabis seeds for menstrual cramps

PMS is one of the most difficult times for most women, the symptoms of which are most likely caused by sensitivity to the hormone prolactin. Gamma-linolenic acid or GLA produces prostaglandin-E1 that reduces the effects of prolactin. And because the cannabis seeds are high in GLA, it might help to reduce the symptoms of menopause to a great extent. They seemingly regulate the hormone imbalance and inflammation associated with menopause. It is, thus, a damsel’s delight.

Considering the health benefits of cannabis and the useful ways in which its seeds can be utilized, and the limitations of allopathic treatment, wisdom suggests that marijuana seeds are a revolutionary solution.

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