Top Cannabis Vaping Trends of 2019

cannabis vaping trends

Cannabis use has increased exponentially over the past few years as more states join the movement to legalize marijuana. From inhalants to edibles, there are a variety of ways in which people enjoy their cannabis products. One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is cannabis vaping. Many people vape to replace traditional cigarettes. Others choose to vape cannabis or cannabis-derived products both for the intensity of the high and for the medicinal benefits.

Cannabis vaping exploded in 2018 along with the launch of edibles and topical cannabinoids into mainstream culture. Electronic cigarettes have become more portable and more dynamic since their introduction both for cigarette smokers and marijuana smokers alike. Regular vapers are expecting the modifications in cannabis vaping to continue getting better and more efficient. New trends have developed while many emerging trends from 2018 have continued into the new year.

Here are some cannabis vaping trends that have already shown prominence in 2019.

4 Cannabis Vaping Trends of 2019

1) Smaller Batteries With Higher Potency

Vaping mods quickly replaced e-cigarettes due to high vapor production and increased potency. The downfall to modified vape pens was (and still is) the size compared to traditional e-cigs. Vape mods are larger and have bigger batteries which aren’t always the most discreet or portable. In 2019, we are looking for mods, vaporizers, and atomizers with smaller batteries but the same high output and efficiency as their larger counterparts.

2) Built-In Digital Displays

The advantages to vape mods are that they hold more vape liquid and the coils heat to a higher temperature, which lends itself to the intensity of the vapor. Technologically, vape mods are becoming more advanced with built-in OLED and LCD displays that help regulate your vaping experience by showing the temperature, wattage, and other parameters. Juul pods are a quick and convenient way vape CBD oil on the go.

3) Customizations

Cannabis vaping is also becoming more of a social event than a singular activity. For this reason, concentrate vaporizers and vape pens are now almost fully customizable. Choose a dab pen for wax and liquids or a dry herb vaporizer for herbs and flowers. Select a device with temperature control—a higher temperature gives you a richer, fuller flavor—and titanium or nickel wires for longer-lasting coils and a thicker vapor cloud. You can choose to wrap your vaporizer in custom vinyl or add a flavored vape oil to customize every aspect of your vaping experience.

cannabis vaping trends

4) Vegetable Glycerin (VG) E-juice

Many e-juice brands now offer a wide range of vegetable glycerin (VG) juices. VG is more viscous than propylene glycol (PG), which leads to bigger, thicker smoke clouds and a much smoother drag. Although VG can dull the flavor of your vape oil, it is sweeter than PG so there will always be a hint of sweetness to your smoke. Vapers are also less sensitive to VG than PG so there are fewer allergic reactions.

Curious how to make your own THC E-Juice? Check out our at-home-guide.

Most e-juices are actually a blend of VG and PG with VG making up about 50-70% of the mixture. Choosing a custom blend allows you to get the full benefits of both liquids. If you prefer large vapor clouds, select or create a blend with a higher amount of VG. If you want to maximize the flavor of your smoke, a higher concentration of PG would be better.

Cannabis use is continuing to expand as we legalize marijuana usage across the country. With thriving CBD and THC oil markets, cannabis vaping is now easier than ever. Vaping devices are getting better and more efficient, and the whole experience is something you can now completely personalize. Add in some terpenes and take advantage of the health benefits.

As vaping devices become more customizable with vinyl-wrapped vape pens, tailor-made smoke kits, and the ability to choose your own smoke flavors and aromas, look for opportunities to fully personalize your cannabis vaping experience.

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