5 ways to take care of your vape coil

vape coil

Vaping is the newest thing, with the trend of using a vape catching up with the youth. A majority of smokers are making the paradigm lifestyle shift by opting for vape. It is not just because it is cheaper than the conventional smoking methods, but also because it helps them to cut down on nicotine intake… To top it off the options they get online for vaping essentials are endless.

If you have recently switched to using a vaping device instead of cigarettes, you might already be making the most of the flavours that you get with vape, all the while spending less money. But, what you don’t know is that you can save up much more. After you buy a vaping device, the only recurring price that you will have to bear is that of vape liquid and vape coil. Although the cost is low, what if we tell you that you can add more to your savings? Yes, you can make the coil of your vape last longer with a few easy tips. Read on to find out how.

1.Adopt good smoking habits:

Even if everything is right with your device, your vaping habits might be doing more harm to it. There are a few habits for you to keep in mind to increase the life of your vape’s coil. Over pressing the firing button of your vape can lead to dry hits, which might decrease its lifespan. Pay close attention to the flavour to know if you are pressing it at the right time. The latest devices come with an in-built feature that lets you know when to push and when to release the button.


Avoid over hitting, give a few seconds in between the drag so that the coil can absorb vape juice. Besides that, always remember to keep the tank full with vape juice so that you are not dry firing and ruining the coil. Replace the tank with oil vape as soon as it finishes and enjoy vaping.  Click here to see more information on it.

2. Keep the coil clean:

To make the most of your vape, it becomes essential for you to know it inside out. Among the many components that make your vape, the coil is an essential one. You need to periodically remove it for a thorough clean up which will boost its lifespan.

Tip: You can begin the cleaning process by blowing out the surplus vape juice from it. Once all the liquid is out of the way, you can move the coil and run it under warm water and get rid of any debris collected. After that, leave the coil to dry overnight on a paper towel. To avoid getting uneven heat, you will need the coil to be free of moisture. You can put back the loop once it is scorched. Press the firing button after installing it until the coil is heated and the wiring expands. Give a few seconds to cool and then repeat the process. If you don’t see any signs of uneven heating, your coil is as good as new. 

hitting a vape regularly means you need a vape coil cleaning program

3. Get the coil from a reputed manufacturer:

The market is flooded with cheap loops that also do not pack a punch in terms of quality. Although you might want to save up and buy the more affordable variants, you will end up paying more in terms of replacement costs. These coils do not last very long unless the renowned brands manufacture it, which is very unlikely.

Tip: It is always better to go with quality when it comes to vaping devices, and not just the cost of the products. Research a bit about the top manufacturers of coils and then pick out the one that fits in your budget if you want the coil to last long.

4. Keep a tab on VG level of vape juice:

Vegetable Glycerin or VG is a crucial component of the vape juice. The vegetable glycerin comes from vegetable oil, and it adds to the thickness of vape juice. A high level of VG can damage the coil and make you change it more frequently.

Tip: We are not asking you to steer clear of e-juices that contain vegetable glycerin, but you must keep a check on its level. To make sure that the coil runs its full course, you can go with a vape juice that has lower levels of VG. A beginner can surf the internet for vape Canada and can know more about vaping. One should always buy quality cartridges for an uninterrupted vaping experience. There are strains that are used for vaping. Make sure the seeds of the strains are well-separated. Look for marijuana seeds for sale online.

5.  Prime the new coils:

What do you usually do with your vape when you start getting burnt taste? If changing the coil is your answer, then you are right, but there might be a few steps you can undertake to extend its life. The first and foremost thing you can do to give a boost to your coil’s life is by priming it.

Tip: Before you begin to put in a new coil in your vape, you might want to saturate it first. Both the ends of the loop have holes in them, which enables the vape juice to reach the wick. There are holes on both ends of the coil, from where the cord makes contact with vape juice. Place a drop at each end to saturate the wick of the coil and thus avoid burning it. Try taking a few drags after that, without actually activating it with the fire button. Do this dry hit technique for about 4-5 times, so that the vape juice goes from the tank and spreads to the cotton wick. Now that the coil is ready for use, you will want to hit it, but since the coil is not at full expansion yet, it will be better if you take it slow. You can start vaping at low power and then notch it up after priming the coil to get a longer life for the coil.

vape coils suck up e liquid

As much as we want never to replace the coil of our vape, it is near impossible to not do so. But, you can surely prolong its life and save up a few bucks by following these easy steps. To make your vaping session even more fun, make some pot brownies using violator kush, and enjoy with your stoner friends.

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