How to Nourish And Rejuvenate Your Skin By Using CBD Bath Bombs

cbd bath bombs

As more discussions about CBD (cannabidiol) and its therapeutic potential continue to become mainstream, one fact stands out concerning the cannabinoid. It has medicinal benefits. CBD-based medication for epilepsy became the first FDA-approved medical cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. However, studies indicate that CBD’s medical and therapeutic benefits can impact various body functions and aid the treatment of a myriad of conditions. Through indirect influences on the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD can remedy multiple ailments, including:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Anxiety relief
  • Rest and sleep
  • Appetite and gut health
  • Cardiovascular and brain health
  • Skin benefits

What are CBD bath bombs?

Studies on bomb births and their calming and healing effects are not a novelty. Bath bombs feature baking soda, Epsom salts, essential oils and calming fragrances. The “bombs” are hard, dry balls that dissolve in water to aid in removing fats and cleansing the skin. Bath bombs are several years old in the spa and luxury treatment industries. They can help relieve muscle stress and open skin pores. However, because of similar therapies, CBD bath bombs are becoming quite popular as an effective topical delivery method for CBD medicinal benefits. CBD becomes one of the vital ingredients in the bomb bath. Different manufacturers have their unique additions, whether essential oils or a variety of Epsom salts, so not all bomb bath is the same.

Can CBD bath bombs nourish and rejuvenate the skin?

The skin benefits of CBD and essential oils can take effect much sooner through bath bombs. Quality CBD bath bombs can significantly improve skin properties and while the body absorbs transdermal CBD through the skin, it will rarely enter your system. CBD is available in several other forms, including isolates, CBD oil and tinctures, edibles, waxes, CBD vape juice and CBD-infused foods and beverages. Topical lotions and balms are the closest to CBD bath bombs as they deliver CBD through the skin. According to studies, applying CBD lotions can help in the treatment of skin infections such as dry skin, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis, among others. As such, both CBD bath bombs and topical CBD balms can also contain other micronutrients for better skin health. However, bath bombs are more potent as the cleansing baking soda leaves your skin more open to absorb the CBD. Here are some insights for using CBD bath bombs to nourish and rejuvenate your skin:

1. Compare existing quality

It is essential to verify the quality of CBD and bath bombs you purchase to know every ingredient and its significance in the formula.  Choosing CBD bath bombs that feature other nutrients for healthy skin is more recommendable. However, pure CBD bath bombs are still useful. The priority is to research your options, determine the growing, extraction and processing, lab tests (if any) and user reviews. This will help you know the distinctions in quality and what you can get experience with high-quality ingredients.

2. Buying vs. DIY CBD bath bombs

Buying CBD bath bombs seems quite effortless, especially since you can make an order with a few clicks on your phone/computer. Whether you choose to buy it at or another retailer, buying only requires one to gauge the credibility and reliability of the vendors. DIY, on the other hand, involves buying CBD and bath bombs separately to premix alone. With DIYs, you can use CBD oil, tincture, or concentrate on your warm bath water or even add it directly to the fizzling bomb bath. Make sure you choose CBD oil products for topical applications.

3. Use full-spectrum CBD and ingredients

According to WebMD, CBD is a superbug antibiotic that can reduce inflammation and soothe skin infections such as acne. However, it is recommendable to use full-spectrum CBD products. Broad-spectrum CBD includes essential phytochemicals from various strains and areas of the plant. This ensures you get all the nourishment and medicinal benefits of the full range of CBD. You can also alternate between the relaxing fragrances of lavender and recharging rose and geranium fragrances. Try out different high-quality CBD, essential oils, fragrances and salts that have skin benefits.

4. Supplement bath bombs with other forms of CBD

Although CBD bath bombs can increase the transdermal absorption of the compound, CBD can improve skin health in a myriad of ways. Taking regular CBD bath bombs is recommendable to impact any skin infections directly, relieve sore muscles and heal wounds. However, according to Forbes, CBD lotions and creams, transdermal patches and infused topicals can also provide more skin benefits. Also, if you prefer ingesting CBD, the therapeutic effects may even help to fight skin inflammation and combat radicals and toxins.

5. Infuse coconut, honey and other skin-healthy ingredients

Infusing CBD bomb bath with other micronutrients such as coconut oil and honey can boost skin nourishment and rejuvenation. It is easier to see why coconut is also carrier oil in most CBD oil products. Including such micronutrients in your bath bomb improves hydration and relieves itches, skin irritation and dryness.

6. Know your CBD amounts and dosage

cbd bath bombs in bath

Bath bombs can give you a spa-like treat at the comfort of your home. They have therapeutic potential as they clean and open pores allowing the body to absorb more compounds. Scented bath bombs also serve various purposes, from decongesting your nasal pathways (with eucalyptus) to relaxation (with lavender) and restoration. They are an ideal addition if you are looking for natural therapies. However, if you are considering CBD bath bombs for treating a particular skin condition such as dry skin, acne, or psoriasis, it is essential to keep track of the amount dose you take.


Topical CBD application suits those seeking to reduce muscle soreness, relieve pain in different areas, or relax. It is also perfect for treating skin infections and conditions because of direct contact. Just like edibles and supplements are useful for gut health, skin balms and baths are ideal add-ons to your skin rejuvenation regimen. However, before using CBD bath bombs, make sure you consult your doctor to customize the ingredients and micronutrients for your unique needs. For instance, baking soda and citrus are great cleansers that can irritate the skin in some rare cases. Still, CBD bath bombs can help in treating skin infections and conditions like dryness.

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