CBD and Sex – What You Need to Know

cbd helping a couple have sex

Once cannabis was first discovered, people were crazy about its benefits. Unfortunately, it was criminalized for no valid reason. It took until the 21st century for the situation to start significantly improving.

Today, millions of people throughout the world have started discovering the benefits of this plant again. Among other advantages, cannabinoids from marijuana can assist in improving your sex life. That is primarily because of CBD (cannabidiol), which has the power to bring positive changes to your bedroom activities. Here is what you need to know about CBD and sex.

How CBD Can Take Your Sex Life to the Next Level

If you conduct a simple online search, you will find many websites listing CBD benefits for your overall health and well-being. However, not many of them clarify how CBD can assist your sex life. That is why we will take a look at the bedroom benefits of this cannabinoid below.

Manage Anxiety

One of the primary benefits of CBD is that it can help to deal with anxiety, and guess what? That can significantly improve your sex life!

Anxiety can be related to different areas, and sexual anxiety is not that uncommon. You may feel anxious because it is your first time with the current partner, or you haven’t had sex in a while. Whatever the reason for your anxiety, CBD can help you to deal with it.

You can find reports that claim that CBD has helped 64% of the participants to relax before intercourse. On top of that, more than two-thirds of participants reported that they were in a better mood after consuming cannabis. 

Feeling positive and relaxed can undoubtedly contribute to taking intimacy to the next level, and secure a better bond with your partner. Additionally, not feeling stress might improve your performance and pleasure.

Deal with Pain

Two types of pain can affect your sex life. The first one is pain that you might feel before the intercourse. It can prevent you from focusing on and enjoying yourself in the bedroom, which affects the overall experience.

The other type of pain is the one that occurs during sex. Whether it is because of sexual dysfunction or any other reason, CBD can provide pain relief. It does that by interacting with the brain receptors so that you don’t feel pain. That way, you can focus on what is happening in the bedroom and improve your pleasure level.

It Boosts Your Arousal Levels

Improving your sexual desire is the reason why the manufacturers came up with lubricants and other topical CBD products.

These items can be used by both men and women. You should apply them to your genital area, and wait for several minutes. CBD and other cannabinoids will dilate blood vessels, which will improve blood flow in that area. As you can assume, that will contribute to sexual stimulation and arousal.

At the same time, it will decrease sexual discomfort. Together with providing a relaxation effect, it may be ideal for shy people, or those who are having problems relaxing in the bedroom.

It is interesting to note that historical texts indicate that women used cannabis not only for pain during sex but also as an aphrodisiac. 

What Type of CBD Products Can Boost Your Sex Life?

Best CBD Products for Sex

If you analyze the use of cannabis in the US, you will come up with some interesting discoveries. The market offers a wide range of products, and people do not hesitate to try them.

If we are talking about products specifically designed for the bedroom, you can find personal lubricants containing CBD. Alternatively, you may want to try massage lotions as they can prove to be a crucial factor during foreplay. The best CBD skincare products that do not have a discernible smell is also a good option to add a little hint of spice.

You can dim the lights, get a massage table, or use a comfortable bed, and give a body massage to your partner. The atmosphere and your movements will perfectly fit CBD lotion, and the relaxation and excitement level of your both will quickly go through the roof. You can take it from there and have a memorable night with your partner.

CBD can also be effective for your sexual activities if you use it in “traditional” forms. That means you can feel free to add some CBD oil to your meal or consume edibles like chocolates and gummy bears.  If you are a fan of vaping, it is among the quickest way of experiencing cannabidiol effects.

What You Should Know Before You Start Using CBD

If you plan to use CBD to boost passion in the bedroom, you should follow the general guidelines regarding the use of this component. Ultimately, it all comes down to sticking to three principles:

  1. Purchase a superb quality product – the sad truth is that the marijuana market lacks stricter control and regulations. That is why it may not be easy to choose a top-quality product. However, you should be fine as long as you go with reputable brands and distributors. You want CBD of the highest quality and purity to experience maximum benefits.
  2. Start slowly to find the ideal dose – each human body is unique, which means there is no universal answer when it comes to the ideal CBD dose. You can follow the instructions on your product’s label, or read online CBD Dosage guides. However, the best way is to start slowly and increase your dose until you find the optimal amount for your goals.
  3. Know when to take CBD – it is important to get the right timing for maximum effectiveness. For example, CBD oil and vapes provide immediate results, but you may need to wait for up to an hour if you consume edibles or capsules.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that CBD can improve your sex life. Get the best CBD reviews by comparing the different websites and purchase accordingly.

 As long as you know how and when to use it, you will spice up the bedroom action in no time!

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