The 5 Essential Supplements You Need for a Healthy Body and Mind

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Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or just feel better, you’re not alone if it seems like you have more goals for your health than time to achieve them! Your mental and physical fitness are both important, and you shouldn’t compromise on either. Get a little extra help with these five essential supplements for a strong body and healthy mind.

Superfood Blends for Whole-Body Health

If one of your goals is a wholesome diet, you’ve probably scoured the aisles of your grocery store for goji berries, maca root, and other hard-to-find superfoods. These ingredients and others are considered “super” because they’re packed with nutrients that support all aspects of health. Luckily, cooking with superfoods is easier than professional fitness bloggers and chefs would have you believe; widely sold items like salmon, wild berries, and leafy greens are all equally nourishing superfood choices.

You’ll always benefit from cooking healthy foods at home, but you can maximize your nutrient availability by adding supplements, like a green or red superfood powder, to your diet. Well-formulated superfood supplements support an active metabolism, a sturdy immune system, and higher energy levels.

CBD Oil for an Untroubled Mind

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is so popular that creative chefs are blending it into coffee, smoothies, and mixed drinks. It burst onto the supplement scene once hemp was legalized in 2018, and ever since, it’s been touted as a cure-all for everything from acne to muscle soreness.

CBD’s greatest promise, however, is its potential mental health benefits. Numerous studies have found encouraging results for its use in treating PTSD, social anxiety, and autism symptoms. CBD is safe and non-psychoactive; the Food and Drug Administration has even approved a drug that includes a purified form of CBD to treat epilepsy. If winding down with a CBD supplement sounds good, you can try it for yourself in myriad forms. The most common are oils and chewables.

Creatine for Next-Level Muscle Gains

Even if you’re not a competitive weightlifter, you can borrow one of their favorite supplements for better performance at your next HIIT workout: creatine, an amino acid. Your body already knows how to produce and use creatine and stores most of it in your muscles to support cell activities that generate energy. As a result, creatine supplements are popular with high-intensity exercisers looking for a shot of extra power to get through a taxing spin session, Crossfit routine, or lifting program. You can add creatine to your workout as a powder, snack bar, or tablet.

Melatonin for Deep, Restorative Sleep

Unfortunately, unsettled sleep is the new normal. A Gallup poll found that 40% of Americans sleep fewer than six hours each night. Chronic sleep deprivation interferes with your immune system, your memory, and your metabolism, so losing out on those extra hours can undo your efforts to stay healthy. But what do you do if, like many people, you just can’t sleep?

Melatonin is a natural supplement that can support a healthy sleep-wake cycle. It’s a hormone that your body makes on its own to signal you that it’s time to go to sleep, but if you and your internal clock can’t agree on a bedtime, supplementing melatonin can encourage your body to modify its circadian rhythm, causing you to sleep earlier and more easily. Melatonin is usually available as a pill, tablet, or chewable.

Collagen for Younger, Brighter Skin

Collagen creams are as popular as ever, but they’re probably not doing your skin much good. Because collagen proteins are large molecules, it’s difficult for your skin to absorb them. Still, it makes up 80% of dermal tissue, so it seems like extra collagen should lead to better skin, and it does—but it’s best taken as a dietary supplement. Your body can absorb dietary collagen, especially smaller, more bioavailable collagen peptides, and use it to fortify skin, joints, and ligaments. Adding collagen powder to a smoothie or shake is an easy way to get these benefits.

Achieving all of your fitness goals while you manage a packed schedule can take some creative thinking, so getting smart with your supplements can be the key to making it work without compromise.

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