First Time Using Cannabis? 6 Amazing Tips for Beginners!

first time using cannabis

( First Time Using Cannabis? 6 Amazing Tips for Beginners! ) — Trying anything for the first time can be a mixture of excitement and stress. Take an exotic food for example; there is every chance you’ll spit it out in disgust, but what would your life be like if you didn’t try sushi for the first time?! Think of all the missed date opportunities…If you’re looking forward to your first time using cannabis, you’ve come to the right place. The WoahStork staff is extremely experienced in the use of cannabis and have set up a series of tips to help you avoid some of the negative experience we’ve all had!

With any experience, first impressions always seem to last. Cannabis is no exception. Everyone at WoahStork remembers their first time. Some of us couldn’t tell if it worked, others ended up in giggling fits, and still more had philosophical discussions that lasted throughout the night. Tens of millions of people probably have similar stories. Unfortunately, not everyone’s first experience is positive. As a matter of fact, it’s quite common to have a lot of anxiety and paranoia your first time. Fortunately, a majority of this is due to strain choice– a matter we address in our blog post entitled The Top 10 Strains of Cannabis for Beginners. However, there are a slew of other contirbuting variables that could be the culprits for causing a negative experience. If you’re a first timer, take care before you toke by reading through these 6 tips for your first time using cannabis.

1) Get your “Set and Setting” Straight

first time using cannabis

Perhaps the most potent contributor to a negative cannabis experience is one’s environment. This applies to both your internal environment (making sure you are in a comfortable mental space) and where you are physically. If you are nervous about trying, then you should probably wait for a time that feels more organic. Otherwise, you could spiral into a nervous fit. If you are in a state where cannabis illegal, you can become paranoid about law-enforcement. Being sure to put yourself in an environment where you know you are safe is of utmost importance. Norman Zinberg coined the term “set and setting” to describe the context necessary for a positive psychoactive drug experience. One’s mindset is shorted to set and the physical and social environment (the setting) make up the set and setting. The set and setting of an experience are incredibly important.

2) Forget What You Have Been Told

first time using cannabis

Everyone has heard that crazy story from a friend or an uncle who claims that marijuana will blast you off into a whole other dimension or sense of reality. Such exaggerated stories bring a lot of preconceived notions into people who have never smoked before. Consuming cannabis is an experiential process. Nobody can tell you how you will feel, so try not to dwell on your expectations due to others’ experiences. Ultimately, everyone has a unique interaction with cannabis. Just be. Take it all in and see where the experience takes you!

3) Don’t Expect Too Much

first time using cannabis

Often times it takes a couple sessions before a new timer really feels a full high. Many first timers who expect to feel a specific way suddenly realize it is not what they expected. This can go on to provide an illusion of not being high. Furthermore, many first timers often do not inhale the smoke deep enough. To stay on the safe side, it is better to feel too little rather than too much. So, take it easy! It might be a good idea to have something planned out that you know you would enjoy sober. A great movie, a favorite meal, or a scenic walk could be a great way to ride our your high and notice any potential differences from your ordinary subjective experience.

4) Keep an Open Mind

first time using cannabis

After ingesting cannabis, you will most likely experience a mental and physical state that is new to you. Never before have your cannabinoid receptors been activated in such an exaggerated manner. We suggest for you to keep an open mind; anticipate somewhat of a mystical experience. Maybe you will notice a body buzz. Perhaps your thoughts will travel in a slightly different direction. Whatever it is, don’t try and fight it. Just go with it. Obviously, do your best to remain out of harm’s way (e.g. don’t drive!), but keep an open mind and see where the experience takes you!

5) Try Cannabis at night

first time using cannabis

Most cannabis strains produce a calming and relaxing effect that is best enjoyed at nighttime. The experience will last a couple of hours, so clear out your plans for one night if you’re planning to give it a try. Many strains also help with sleeping and insomnia, so even if you are feeling a little bit bugged out, you should be able to put it all to bed by sleeping it off. Another great reason to try cannabis at night is because first-time cannabis use usually renders you incapable of being productive. So, if you had things to do that day, they probably aren’t going to get done if this is your first time using cannabis! Smoking at night keeps the worries of procrastination at bay.

6) Relax, and Enjoy!

first time using cannabis

At the end of the day, cannabis is an herb that is meant to be enjoyed. Cannabis has long been a symbol of peace. Whether it provides a calm and soothing body effect, a mental buzz bundled with a propensity for creativity, or provides medical relief, there is something in cannabis that nearly everyone can enjoy on occasion.

As mentioned earlier, the best strategy for a good time on your first time using cannabis is to make sure you pick the right strain! Check out our blog post 10 Strains for Beginners. We made sure to include a wide range so that regardless of your plans, you’ll be able to find the right introduction!

For future experience, WoahStork offers a comprehensive database of marijuana strains that describes how they will make you feel and what medical uses they are good for. We also will tell you what dispensaries near you have those strains in stock and allow for you to place your next order online. Furthermore, we provide personalized strain recommendations after you find the first few strains that you like. Not everyone reacts to every strain of cannabis the same way, so we help you harness your history, refine your cannabis palette, and find your perfect strain. Your first time using cannabis should be a positive experience that opens you up to a whole new world. However, it’s not for everyone. Don’t succumb to peer pressure if you don’t feel like it’s right for you. Life is already so amazing; if you already see and know that, cannabis will only tell you what you already know.


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