Gifts For Cannabis Consumers: 12 Great Ideas

gifts for cannabis consumers

How do stoners end up having so much marijuana-related stuff?! Isn’t smoking weed simple? All you have to do is put some weed in a pipe and smoke it! Right? Well…What about grinding, storing, smell, and sanitary concerns? For many, smoking cannabis is much more than a leisurely activity at a party where you can make do with whatever you find around; it’s a lifestyle that mandates a whole toolkit.

Just like how sneakerheads need products a casual shoe wearer wouldn’t even know existed, there are a ton of smoking accessories that are absolutely essential for living life to the highest.

If you’re looking to treat yourself or find stoner gift ideas for a special someone, look no further than these for the holiday season. Many are perfect stoner stocking stuffer ideas that will yield a ton of utility without breaking the bank. We’ve specifically limited this list to stoner gift ideas that don’t contain THC, so you’re free to do some last minute online shopping!

12 Stoner Gift Ideas

MouthPeace Silicone Mouth Piece (Bong Condom)

Anyone abiding by the Stoner Commandments knows that “though shall not spread stoner illness”. Unfortunately, one of the easiest way to spread your sickness is by placing your lips in the same place as a group of others, over and over. Anyone who’s ever been to any large scale cannabis event has seen the lines that form for free dabs and bong rips. The provider will usually wipe the mouth of their piece off with an alcohol swab, sanitizing the smoking apparatus for each guest. It’s a great way to deter germs but impractical for all social settings.

Fortunately, Moose Labs has created a silicone smoking accessory that fits neatly into the mouth of any bong, water pipe, or dab rig– allowing you to create a personal extension that lets smoke reach your lungs without your lips ever touching the piece. It’s a professional way to execute the “Egyptian Style” hit. Referred to by many as a “bong condom”, this little device can be stored on a lanyard around your neck — so that safe rips are always within an arm’s reach. The bong condom is the perfect stoner gift idea and should make a splash as any stoner stocking stuffer.

This perfect stoner gift idea runs about $13 and can be purchased here.

Odor Free Bags (Male & Female)

For the professional stoners out there, one of the biggest downfalls of smoking marijuana is the lingering smell. While warming, nostalgic, and crave-inducing for many, the smell of marijuana is not always pleasant for those around you. Even if you’re not carrying any product, the smell of your pieces can linger for weeks. That’s why it’s essential to utilize some form of odor control. The best, most long lasting strategy is using an odor proof bag.

Know a stoner always in the airport? TSA officers do not search for marijuana, but if they find it, they can confiscate it and turn you over to the local authorities. The less their gear smells, the less likely TSA will find their stash. This stoner gift idea should provide a sense of ease for all those who travel with product.

stoner gift ideas

The Annabis line of bags, designed with female stoners in mind, is one of the best ways to stay fashionable and discrete. These bags run between $70 and $225 and can be purchased here.

stoner gift ideas

RYOT has a great unisex clutch bag that is odor free and useful for storing other goods as well. This perfect stoner gift idea is $18 and can be purchased on Amazon.

Grinder Cards

Grinding up your weed before smoking it is one of the best ways to increase its surface area for easier lighting, stronger hits, and tighter joints. Usually cumbersome and impractical for travel, grinders are usually left behind by the traveling stoner who then has to break up their nugs by hand. Thus, one of the best stoner gift ideas is a “grinder card” that allows you to grate a nug of marijuana, just like you would some parmesan cheese. Attaching such a card to a keychain, or fitting it in your wallet, make it the ultimate device for stoner preparedness.

Stoner Gift Ideas

This grinder card, along with many others, run around $6 and can be purchased online here.

Doob Tubes

If you’ve ever purchased a pre-roll from a dispensary, it probably came in what’s known as a doob tube. A small cylinder of plastic that’s roughly the length of your joint, a doob tube is the ultimate defense against the elements facing your joint. Anyone who’s rolled a joint for later in the day has probably struggled with finding safe places to put it: behind your ear, in a pocket, or in a bag. However, that usually ends up in soggy, crushed, and ripped joints ( they are made out of paper after all). Joints should be helping take your troubles away, not giving you more. Doob tubes make it happen.

stoner gift ideas

This cheap stoner gift idea is available in bulk for $1.25 each here and can even be personalized!

CBD Juul Pods

As we’ve covered in countless articles, CBD can help to mitigate the negative side effects of cannabis. Nothing says “I love you” like the gift of CBD to a consumer who is regularly ingesting large amounts of THC.

These CBD Juul Pods (compatible with the Juul device) deliver 500mg of CBD per pack – 125mg per pod!

Order your CBD Juul Pods.

CBD EJuice

420 Spray

As we noted in our suggestion for bags as a stoner gift idea, the lingering odor from smoking marijuana is less than ideal in many circumstances. The 420 odor eliminator spray cans are the perfect way to make it seem like you’re smoke session never happened! Whether you’re hotboxing a car, smoking in a hotel bathroom, or using a one-hitter on a smoke break, the 420 spray is the best way to rid yourself of any evidence.

What’s best is that 420 Spray doesn’t just mask odors with a fragrance, it uses dry aerosol that leaves no wet residue and is safe for all fabrics, including silk! High Times even called it the best odor eliminator they’ve ever used.

stoner gift ideas

Each can of the 420 Odor Eliminator goes for $5 and can be purchased here.

Integra Boost

There’s no better smell than a fresh drop of artisanal-grown cannabis. It provides the best and freshest taste, coupled with a clear high. However, store it improperly and you’ll be left with dry and crispy plants that are harsh and unpleasant to smoke. The nugs can even go on to form mold. By keeping your cannabis fresh, you prevent the overabundance of CBN (which can make you lazy). A strong storing practice can help maintain a cannabinoid and terpene profile that is in line with the strain’s purported effects.

Have you ever bought a pack of beef jerky? Know those little packets in there that say “Do Not Eat”? Those are humidity regulators that ensure the beef jerky doesn’t dry out, while also not getting too moist and mushy. Integra Boost has created the analog for storing cannabis. Their humidity controllers keep your cannabis moist and fresh while also making sure it still burns properly. Their ingredients are touted to be non-corrosive nor capable of transferring any smell. Just drop one in your sealed stash jar and you’ll be good to go! Note that they even include an easy-to-use replacement indicator so you can replace the packets whenever they are done with their job!

stoner gift ideas

This stoner gift idea is perfect for anyone that truly cares about the integrity of their cannabis. These packs cost about $6 and can be found in varying percent humidity controls here.

BYBA Bong Maker

Stoners are known for their ingenuity– able to craft a smoking apparatus out of just about anything. Sometimes this can end poorly by smoking dangerous materials, cutting yourself, or wasting weed. The folks at BYBA have created a transformative smoking device that can create a water pipe out of any device! Most stoners want to filter and cool their smoke through water. However, toting around a bong or water pipe all the time can be impractical. Thus, this bong maker is the perfect stoner gift idea, especially for those who love to travel.

stoner gift ideas

BYBA’s discrete bong maker can be purchased online for $37 here.

Randy’s Papers

Randy’s papers are quite possible the best stoner stocking stuffer out there! These papers include a crutch (the filter tip of non-cannabis material where you put your mouth on a joint) and a roach clip (what you use to hold the end of a joint). Always needed for every joint, the presence of crutches and roaches within the actual paper is nothing short of brilliant. Any experience stoner will certainly enjoy this clever gift!

stoner gift ideas

Randy’s wired rolling papers are the quintessential stoner gift idea and can be purchased here for $2.

RYOT Smoker’s Utility Tool

Do you have a tool for packing down your cannabis into a joint? What about clearing your bowl from ash build up? What about a blunt splitter so you can gut the tobacco and stuff it with a much finer herb? With RYOT’s Stoner Utility Tool, you can have all these necessary stoner tools in one place, just like a swiss army knife. I’m always looking around me for different one-time-use tools I can use while preparing for my smoking experience. If I had this device, I’d never have to use a chopstick to stuff a joint again…

stoner gift ideas

This all-in-one stoner gift idea only runs about $50 and can be purchased here.

Dugout Kit

A dugout is one of the easiest, cleanest, and most effective ways to smoke on the go. Just fill one side up with ground cannabis, dip a one-hitter in it, light, and take a puff. Elevate has created a beautiful glass and wood dugout that is secured by magnets. The whole piece is smaller than a pack of cigarettes. This sleek device makes the perfect stoner gift idea for anyone who likes to be quick and clean with their smoking!

stoner gift ideas

Elevate offers custom designs of their water-resistant wood pieces. They range from $75 to $90 and can be purchased here.


Responsible cannabis use is important. While we all love a good smoke, not paying attention to your mind and body for the sake of marijuana is as unwise as the plant is powerful. Any stoner would appreciate a benefit from some memory enhancement, especially if it helps combat marijuana induced memory loss. Our recent article highlights all the supplements associated with memory.

stoner gift ideas

A few packs of supplements could make for a thoughtful stoner stocking stuffer. We recommend reading our article and finding any supplements that interest you on Amazon.

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