The Ultimate Guide To Steeping E-liquid

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In the world of vaping, vape devices tend to whisk away all the attention with their glamorous designs and impeccable functionalities. Vapers are always fascinated over trying the brand new styles, portable models launched in the market. But every vaper deep down understands that the soul of the process lies in the e-liquid.

Only the right e-liquid can offer the perfect vaping experience. Investing your resources into identifying the best e-liquids and liquid store in the market is thus an important step. But another simple way to enjoy the best your e-liquid has to offer is by preparing it for use.  The process of preparing your e-liquid is steeping, and let us explore in detail how it can influence your vaping.

What Is Steeping?

Steeping is an age-old process used for improving the taste and texture of alcoholic beverages, tea, and several other food products. The process enables the extraction of nutrition and flavors from the mixture to improve the quality of experience.

Some experts also suggest that steeping is a way of aging the e-liquid to remove the harsh chemicals and bottled taste. E-liquid stores offer products containing a mixture of several ingredients. Oxidizing this mixture helps to make the liquid aromatic and more pleasing.

How Can Steeping Improve Your E-Liquid?

There are several ways in which steeping can improve the quality and feel of the e-juice. It can make the mixture smooth and balance the many ingredients of the e-liquid well. It can efficiently boost the flavors and eliminate the chemical taste.

E-liquids tend to contain a lot of preservatives that mask the true flavors. Steeping helps to bring out these flavors and negate the harsh taste and throat hit and elevate the taste profile.

  1. Certain ingredients of e-juices are volatile. Leaving the juice for steeping can help these ingredients slowly evaporate that can make the e-juice taste better. It helps to avoid unpleasant flavors, which could make vaping better, particularly for people who are sensitive to alcohol.
  1. Some e-liquids can cause a harsh throat hit due to high nicotine concentration. Steeping tends to degrade the liquid’s nicotine content that can make the juice smooth and easy to use.
  1. Steeping also helps different flavors from the e-juice interact and mix better. If you find that certain e-liquids tend to have a dominating taste of a particular flavor, steeping can make the liquid mix homogeneously for better vaping.

Different Ways Of Steeping

Slow Steeping

Slow steeping refers to a traditional method of letting the liquid mix without any expedited agitation. To steep liquid using this method, all you need to do is remove the wrappers from the bottles and place them in a cool, dark, and dry place for a few weeks. Make sure to shake the bottle once every day.

Depending on the type of e-liquid, the flavors, and other constituents, you might need to vary the steeping period. For example, juice with dense constituents such as dessert flavors requires the longest steeping time. It could vary between 4- 9 weeks. Fruity flavors require comparatively less time for the process. Similarly, liquids with high vegetable glycerin and nicotine rich juices are more viscous and will require longer steeping.

Fast Steeping

While slow steeping is a powerful way of enabling the constituents to blend, it also requires a long duration. Fast steeping methods help to speed up the process to achieve the results quickly.

One such process is the hot bath method, where heat helps to enhance the oxidation process. This method involves placing the vape juice bottle in a sealable bag and leaving it in a warm water bath. Let the bottle remain till the water cools down to room temperature. You can uncap the bottle to let the gasses escape, and the liquid is ready to use.

Some other methods utilizing heat to speed up the process include the slow cooker method, space heater steeping, microwave steeping, and candle warmer steeping.

Another effective way of achieving faster results is to use an ultrasonic cleaner or magnetic stirrer. These processes use external agitation with or without heat to stimulate the liquid to combine better, producing fantastic results. The time required in these methods is relatively less, such as a few minutes.

Is Steeping Suitable For All E-Liquids?

While steeping is an effective process to improve the flavor of your e-liquid, certain e-liquids may not require it. Steeping an e-liquid that is already perfect might simply be redundant and will not enhance the flavors any further.

In the case of major manufacturers, the e-liquid tends to go through a long journey from manufacturing to reaching you, giving it ample time to steep. But in the case of small boutique manufacturers and homemade e-liquids, steeping is an excellent means of improving the quality to enjoy the liquid’s intricate flavors well. 

A simple way to identify if your e-liquid requires steeping is if it

  1. Feels young, harsh, and unfinished
  2. Exhibits distinct flavors of alcohol or any one ingredient
  3. Has overpowering flavor notes that create an uncomfortable combination.


Steeping your e-liquid can give it the necessary resources for the ingredients to blend and bind well to provide a pleasant experience. Each of the methods mentioned above can offer good results but of different degrees. Novice users should choose a simple process to relish the end product without much doubt and confusion. Be patient and avoid stimulated methods such as using devices or heat to achieve a naturally rich and aromatic e-juice. 

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