How Does CBD Oil Help with Fitness and Exercise?

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CBD oil has become a much-discussed and talked about product and the demand for good quality CBD products has never been so high. CBD is not to be confused with THC, another cannabinoid from the cannabis plant which produces the ‘high’ that is associated with marajuana use. CBD is extracted and used for its medical properties and it is commonly reported to relieve pain in sufferers of chronic and acute pain conditions. As CBD produces an effect throughout the entire body system, it can be used for the management of a number of very different illnesses and diseases. It is the case that some will find that they are able to control their condition with the use of CBD alone, doing away with the need for prescription medications. It must however be advised that if you are planning to stop any of your prescribed medications, you should do so in discussion with your healthcare provider. You can find out more the benefits of CBD oil at

It is important that you choose a reputable supplier for your CBD product as products do differ in their quality. Other CBD products can be used alongside the oil and users also find relief with some of the topical products that are on offer. You can find information and a variety of quality, lab tested products at Nature & Bloom.

CBD also plays a role in health and fitness and for those who indulge in regular exercise, whether it be a workout at the gym or a game of football, CBD oil can play a part before, during and after exercise.

Before Exercise

For those who indulge in competitive sports, CBD oil has much supported evidence that it works to reduce anxiety levels and helps the user to maintain a calm and composed demeanor. CBD oil has a positive effect on mood, helping one to feel at their best. Obviously being in a calm, relaxed and happy state, allows for performance at its optimal level.

During Exercise

Many report that using the oil has allowed them to feel more energetic and less ‘stressed’ during their workout. Having more energy and stamina makes for a longer and more productive workout.

After Exercise

It is common after any form of vigorous exercise to feel exhausted and not only that, damage to the tissues of the body is inevitable, even though sometimes, no acute pain is felt. CBD oil can help the fatigue felt after exercise and can also help to repair the damage to the tissue. When you have exercised to your maximum capacity, inflammatory pain is very common. CBD oil works to quell the inflammation, allowing you to avoid the use of NSAIDs which can, in the long term, have multiple side effects.

There is much anecdotal evidence to support the use of CBD oil when exercising. This evidence is backed by a number of scientific studies and more and more studies appear to support the view that there is indeed a benefit.

Working out your own dosage is important, as, unlike prescription medications, each person has their own individual dose. Do not be tempted to take a large, strong dose to begin with, it is much better and more effective to build on the dose gradually.

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