How To Detox Using Kratom?

Kratom Detox

More people are seeking natural remedies for better health and wellness today. The world has started revisiting the ways of our ancestors to use powerful herbal ingredients to treat ailments and enhance overall health. The market for such herbal or natural ingredients is rapidly increasing, and some of these plants have interesting effects that can benefit the users.

Kratom is one such ingredient that is about to create a revolution. The plant is currently gaining popularity across the world as a remedy for drug addiction. Although traditionally it was used as a pain relief and muscle ache remedy in Thailand, the detox benefits possible from this compound are quite impressive.

What is Kratom?

Kratom, scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree-like plant and is a cousin of the coffee and gardenias plants that originates from the Southeast Asian region. The substance has been popular in Asian countries around Thailand region. Kratom was useful as a part of herbal remedies for curing common ailments such as cough, pain, diarrhea. The use of kratom to curb down opioid addiction in regions such as Malaysia caught the attention of the world that popularized it further. The locals pick the leaves of the plant, dry, and powder it to create kratom, which is then available for sale in various regions.

 People from the regions consume kratom in the form of tea or use the leaves to numb pain, manage diabetes, or even alleviate addiction. Although there are controversial studies that indicate that kratom can be an addictive substance on its own, its effectiveness in the right dosage to initiate a full body detox is powerful and competent. Kratom so far is legal in most parts of the world, although there has been a close watch from the FDA to keep the substance under control. The sale of the compound is mostly underground, and hence identifying and purchasing high-quality kratom can be difficult. But the use of high-grade kratom such as from Big Bear Kratom can offer the expected benefits.

Benefits of Kratom

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Kratom is marketed in large parts of the USA in the form of tablets or powders as dietary supplements. In low dosages, the substance interacts with the body to elevate energy levels, which can be beneficial for intense workouts. Fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts use the substance to enhance their stamina and energy levels to perform longer and intense workouts. It also helps curb fatigue that can be beneficial for proper recovery. Kratom promotes relaxation and emotional wellness in users. It can help enhance your social interaction by reducing anxiety and help overcome long term side effects of addiction to opioids and alcohol.

Opioid addiction and Kratom Detox

Kratom can be a potential substance that can help curb opioid addiction. Kratom leaves contain mitragynine that can interact with the brain and initiate stimulant effects. When users consume large quantities of kratom this chemical along with 7-alpha-hydroxy mitragynine binds with receptors in the brain. This interaction leads to a pain-reducing feeling in the body, which is useful for relieving muscle cramps. This interaction can also be beneficial to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms in the case of opioid addicts. The mild stimulant effect of the substance is useful to detoxify the addition of heavy drugs such as heroin in this case.

CBD has also been shown to help with opioid addiction. See how you can use CBD and Kratom together.

The reason behind why kratom is safer than opioids and helps in withdrawal is because, although the site of interaction is the same in the brain, unlike opioids, kratom is only a partial agonist. Hence the interaction produces stimulant effect but, in less intensity, making it a competent substance to assist through the journey.

Kratom and opioid withdrawal symptoms

With professional guidance on the exact levels and dosage of kratom, one can use it to counter the withdrawal symptoms of opioids. Common symptoms include loss of appetite, seizures, hallucinations, anxiety, and nausea. The use of kratom can help cope with these symptoms effectively and relive the addiction safely and healthily.

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There are two ways in which opioid users can start a detox with kratom. They can either replace the opioid drug for kratom to enjoy the high or take kratom in small doses to slowly reduce the body’s dependence on opioids. The risk associated with overdosing from kratom is far less intense and rare as compared to opioids. Kratom can offer a safe way out with a reduced risk of addiction when used in lower doses.

Kratom for alcohol detox

Like its effects in the case of opioid detox, kratom is a potent substance that can help with alcohol addiction and withdrawal symptoms as well. Although there is no solid literature to support the effect, a few testimonials from users favor the possibility of the effect. For people who suffer from opioid addiction, kratom not only replaces the high but also eases their physical and mental pain and relaxes the body. The substance slowly reduces the cravings for opioids and copes with the withdrawal.

 In the case of alcoholics, suffering from mental ailments such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, kratom helps them focus the energy onto self-improvement. It eases the pain and suffering in the brain and gives a relaxed and light feeling. It helps them feel rather motivated and confident. Kratom replaces the emotional dependency of alcohol that makes it a strong substance to curb alcoholism. Kratom can also help relax alcohol anxiety. In small dosages, it can help in controlling and facing alcohol anxiety, which is a part of the withdrawal symptoms for alcoholics.

Dosage is critical to achieving benefits

Although kratom is not a controlled substance, there is quite a large amount of entry barriers for sale in the USA. One of the major reasons for the same is the effects it can have if consumed in large quantities. Dietary supplements include kratom in small concentrations to boost energy. But if consumed in higher quantities, kratom can simulate effects like that of opioids causing hallucinations, sedation, euphoria, and discomfort. Regular use of the substance in large quantities could alter the brain into developing an addiction.

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Using small doses such as 3-4 grams once in a day may be beneficial as per testimonials from some users. But these levels could vary based on the type of effect expected from the substance and the varieties available on the market. A few recommended strains to try for a healthy detox are Pure red Maeng Da and Red Borneo. These strains have properties that help to curb down cravings and detox the body of addiction to harmful substances. Understanding the importance of the dosage limits specified and stay strictly within limits to enjoy the benefits of Kratom.

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