Using Kratom To Manage Pain For Seniors

kratom for mood and anxiety

Natural and herbal substances have been a part of religious, recreational, and medicinal purposes for ages. South Asian natives used to utilize a plant-based supplement, kratom, by consuming its leaves. They believed such a process helped them in getting through the day without pain, anxiety, and depression. Another way introduced by the natives was by boiling the raw leaves of this herbal substance to make tea.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the usage of alternative medication. That is because of the minimal side-effects associated with them. Moreover, alternative options are also cheap and much preferred. One of the British studies shows that a lot of people over 50 years of age consume herbal and other nutritional substances to alleviate several ailment symptoms.

Pain is a critical factor that is not only common amongst the senior section of the society but also leads to severe complications in old age. Most of the time, seniors might experience muscle, joint, and tissue pain, which is quite natural with age. But, kratom, being a herbal substance, can help in a lot of ways. To understand how kratom manages pain for seniors, let’s shed some light on what strains to choose, how it helps, and what is the ideal dose.

Types of kratom strains

The different types are further categorized under ‘strains’ that come from different regions of South Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. However, they get their names from areas and differ in terms of their effects as well.

1.   Red Bali

The Bali strain is from the land of Indonesia, amongst which the popular one is red Bali. Several senior people consume it for instant pain-relieving effects. While others have experienced opioid-like effects after taking red Bali, with the help of this, you can decrease stress and the thoughts leading to stress and, eventually, depression. It can also fight the discomfort amidst older adults that are caused by pain. So, if you are someone who wants to look for something useful, Red Bali Kratom is available in a variety of sizes. Another strain that goes by the name super speciosa is also known to bring down the pain levels, you may want to check it out too.

2.   Thai

Thai strains are from Thailand and can be found in three colors – white, green, and red. The effects of each of them vary. While red vein relieves pain, white and green types tend to give way to euphoria.

3.   Maeng da

Maeng Da is a strain from Thailand, which has gained a significant amount of popularity, globally. Maeng Da Kratom has many unique qualities, You can find it in three colors – white, red, and green. Seniors can benefit effectively from Maeng Da as it can provide energy, alleviate different kinds of pain, and provide overall wellbeing.

Benefits of kratom for seniors

kratom for seniors

Since kratom happens to be a natural pain reliever, seniors of our societies can benefit considerably from it, without having to endure any side effects. But, they should ensure that the supplement should be consumed after a doctor’s consultation and in the right dosage.

1.   Kratom can alleviate pain in seniors.

Since most of the seniors experience neuropathic pain that can be categorized as diabetes, arthritis pain, and many similar ailments, using kratom as a pain reliever can be quite useful. The active ingredients present in the herbal substance communicate with the receptors of the brain to produce pain-relieving properties.

2.   Kratom can uplift your mood and fight anxiety.

Anxiety and chemical imbalances play a huge role in determining the mental wellbeing of seniors. As a result, consuming kratom can alleviate their symptoms and lead to effective results. Kratom produces opioid-like effects, as well as bind to the opioid receptors of the brain that are responsible for perceiving pain.

1.   Kratom helps in producing anticonvulsant effects.

Most of the seniors around us face muscle tension along with joint pain, which slows them down now and then. In such a case, kratom leaves help in getting hold of the release of nerve impulses, which in turn reduces aches and increases the muscles to grow again. Older adults can opt for red Indo and Bali strains to make the most of kratom.

What is an ideal dose for seniors?

For seniors, the right dosage has to be spot on and accurate to keep them away from experiencing sedation and side effects. A standard dose for them should be between 1 to 5 grams, but to fight pain and alleviate its symptoms, seniors can incorporate 5 to 9 grams of kratom into their lifestyle. Moreover, one of the studies found that this herbal supplement is a much effective alternative to several other opioids and pain killers.

Final thoughts

The body mechanism and working of seniors are a lot different from people of young age. As a result, administering substances like kratom into their routine need to be observed well. The right amount of dose of the right strain can help seniors in relieving pain significantly.

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