Marijuana Use Before Sex Leads To More Satisfying Orgasms, Study Finds

marijuana for orgasm

It is official, marijuana use before sex leads to more satisfying orgasm, study found. The study, which was published in the journal Sexual Medicine, found that sex is more ‘satisfactory’ for women who have smoked weed before sex. The study revealed that women who have smoked weed are twice as likely to reportedly describe that the orgasm as “satisfactory.”

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Prior to this study, the researchers noted that there is a massive number of articles exploring the impact of drug use to sexual and reproductive health among men and women. Many studies have described the drug’s effects on the sexual satisfaction of a person. Some studies have also shown that the brain contains cannabinoid receptors that trigger a change in mood. These receptors are also shown to have significant involvement in sexual function. Previous studies have also linked marijuana use to teenagers’ increase in sexual activity similar to the effects of alcohol and recreational drugs also have. There were also earlier studies that connects marijuana use to unsafe sex practice, and higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

cannabis orgasm

The study, which interviewed a total of 373 women who were being treated by obstetricians and gynecologists in a university medical hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri. Dr Becky Lynn of Saint Louis University School of Medicine led the research team that conducted the study. Dr. Lynn and her colleagues explored the link between cannabis use and women’s sexual satisfaction including their satisfaction with their sex lives, sex drive, orgasms, lubrication and pain during intercourse. Of the women who were surveyed, a total of 127 of them divulged that they do smoke weed prior sexual activity. This number accounted for 34 percent of the total number of participants in the study. There were 197 non-marijuana users in the study accounting to 52 % of the participants, while 49 women or 13% of the respondents used the smoked weed but not before having sex.

Further interview with the respondents showed that marijuana physically improves the women’s capacity to enjoy. It was reported that the women who did use cannabis before sex had more lubrication and experienced less pain during intercourse than women who did not smoke weed.

cannabis orgasm

Joseph Palamar, one of population health researchers at the New York University Langone Medical Centre and not an actual member of the research team who conducted the study, commented that drugs are typically being studied for their risks factors and presumed negative effects to sex. Describing that the study explicitly explored a positive effect of marijuana to people showed a growing shift in the acceptance of marijuana. In fact, smoking weed is continuously rising among American adults. This is in line with the growing number of States to legalize marijuana use both for their medicinal and recreational properties.

Indeed, marijuana is increasingly becoming more acceptable and available publicly. As the people, especially researchers and scientists, becoming more aware of the positive effects of marijuana, we hope that more studied to be conducted to further explore how smoking weed help people live better and happier lives. And thanks to the Internet, not only people can buy cannabis strains but also high-quality seeds from online banks to grow on their own.

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